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Missouri sports betting ballot has received over 300,000 signatures as they try to legalize sports gambling

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In Missouri, there is a push for sports gambling to become legalized. The ‘Winning for Missouri Education’ campaign is actively working to help make that happen. For sports gambling to be on the general election ballot in November, the group needs 180,000 signatures by May 5. Luckily, they more than exceed that goal. 

They had over 100,000 signatures by the end of February and plan to have nearly 325,000 by the deadline. Those signatures will go to the Missouri Secretary of State. With over 300,000 signatures, the ‘Winning for Missouri Education’ campaign has more than enough support to show that sports gambling is wanted in their state.

Jack Cardetti said Missouri has proved they are ready to become a state with legalized sports gambling

Jack Cardetti is the spokesperson of the ‘Winning for Missouri Education’ campaign’. He noted their goal is to have this on the November ballot. The 300,000+ signatures they’ve received are evidence of why sports gambling is wanted. Cardetti believes tens of millions can be made in annual funding for their classrooms. He also had this to say.

The tremendous support we’ve seen throughout the state is a testament to Missourian’s readiness to bring sports betting revenue home and support our local schools, students, and teachers in the process.” – Jack Cardetti 

Bills to legalize sports gambling have never passed through the Senate

At the beginning of January 2024, Senator Tony Luetekmeyer filed Senate Bill 852. This would have allowed Riverboat Casinos and professional sports teams to serve as primary license holders. Riverboats would be able to have up to three online operators and sports teams would be limited to one. These licenses would cost $10,000 and would be renewable every four years. Their gross operator tax would be (12%).

Per Legal Sports Report, Senator Denny Hoskins introduced Senate Bill 824. It was identical to SB 852 except it offered a lower tax rate and focused on video lottery terminals. Senator Hoskins is deemed as the person responsible for “derailing” the successful legalization of sports gambling in the state. Hoskins even said, “I’ll be an obstructionist until I get my way.”

Senate Bill 852 has the support of professional sports teams across the state. They want to profit from the legalization of sports gambling when it happens. Those professional teams include the Kansas City Royals (MLB), Kansas City Chiefs (NFL), St. Louis Cardinals (MLB), and the Kansas City Current (NWSL). Additionally, major sportsbooks like FanDuel and DraftKings have donated over $2 million toward the Missouri sports betting ballot initiative. All signs point to this legislation being on the November ballot with a strong chance of being voted in.