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Missouri Sports Betting Bill Stalls, Could Bypass Senate Through Public Ballot

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Missouri Sports Betting Bill Stalls, Could Bypass Senate Through Public Ballot

The Missouri sports betting bill could bypass the Senate via public ballot later this year. The measure is expected to appear on the ballot in the Show Me State as an initiated constitutional amendment on November 5, 2024.

This initiative would legalize and regulate sports wagering for residents at least 21 years or older.

Missouri citizens could adopt a new section of the Constitution known as Article III, Section 39 (g) for legalized sports betting

The fate of legalized sports betting is now up to Missourians. The proposed amendment revises Article III of the Constitution by adopting one new section to be known as Article III, Section 39 (g).

“The people of the state of Missouri hereby find and declare that the interests of the public are best served by a well-regulated sports wagering industry that will provide substantial tax revenue to support educational institutions in Missouri,” the petition reads in Section 39(g) 1.

Any entity licensed by the Commission will be permitted to offer sports betting through an online sports wagering platform to residents physically located in the state, at excursion gambling boats, and at any location within each sports district approved by a professional sports team.

All sports wagering fees prescribed by the Commission and collected by the state will be appropriated to reimburse expenses incurred by the Commission to regulate sports betting. The remaining fees will be deposited in the Compulsive Gambling Prevention Fund.

A minimum of 171,592 valid signatures are required to get an initiated constitutional amendment

In Missouri, the number of signatures required to qualify an initiated constitutional amendment for the ballot is equal to 8% of the votes cast for governor in the previous gubernatorial election in six of the eight state congressional districts.

Signatures must be filed with the secretary of state six months prior to the election.

Approximately 171,592 valid signatures were the minimum number of signatures required to get an initiated constitutional amendment certified for the 2024 ballot. The deadline to submit signatures was May 5, 2024.

Signatures are then filed with the secretary of state, who is responsible for copying the petition sheets and transmitting them to county election authorities for verification.

Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft may choose whether the signatures are to be verified by a 5% random sample or full verification. If the random sampling estimates between 90% and 110% of required signatures, a full check of all signatures is required.

If more than 110%, the initiative is certified. Likewise, if less than 90%, the initiative falls short.