Rivers Casino Portsmouth Hit With Fines Totaling $545K For Violations

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Rivers Casino Portsmouth Virginia Hit With Fines Totaling $545K For Violations Underage Voluntarily

Rivers Casino Portsmouth has agreed to pay a series of fines totaling $545,000 for not preventing underage and voluntarily self-excluded people from gambling, according to the Virginia Lottery.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth was fined $40,000 after a September settlement, $505,000 after the second settlement in May

Per reports, Rivers Casino Portsmouth was fined a combined $545,000 in two settlements. The first was reached in September and resulted in a $40,000 fine. The other was agreed to in May at a cost of $505,000.

In September, the casino worked with the Virginia Lottery, which regulates casinos throughout the commonwealth, to review alleged violations of the Casino Gaming Law, according to the settlement agreement.

According to Natalie Anderson of The Virginia-Pilot Business, the underage violation was the same offense Rivers Casino Portsmouth was fined for last year for $275,000.

The settlement made in May states that there was again the presence of underaged individuals along with voluntarily excluded persons in December and January.

According to Title § 58.1-4128 of the Code of Virginia, no person “shall wager on or conduct any wagering on the outcome of a game pursuant to the provisions of this chapter unless such person is 21 years of age or older. No person shall accept any wager from a person under age 21.”

Title § 58.1-4103 requires casinos to have an established “list of excluded persons” participating in the voluntary exclusion program. Therefore, it’s the casino’s responsibility to prevent excluded persons from placing wagers.

Settlement in May also cited a lack of controls over accounting, surveillance operations last July and again in February

Furthermore, the settlement in May cited a lack of controls over accounting and surveillance operations last July and again in February. Inaccurate revenue reporting and subpar table game operations between September and January were also mentioned.

The agreements state no formal findings have determined the merit of the violations. However, settlements were reached to avoid a formal hearing.

“We take these matters very seriously and respect the decision of the Virginia Lottery,” said Roy Corby, Rivers Casino Portsmouth general manager. “We have reviewed and revised procedures to help prevent recurrence.”

The $545,000 in fines will be paid to the commonwealth’s general fund. This is in line with the state laws in Virginia. Gross gaming revenue is taxed in the Old Dominion on a graduated scale ranging from 18-30 percent.

Additionally, all tax revenue is directed to the Gaming Proceeds Fund.

In January 2023, Rivers Casino Portsmouth became Virginia’s first permanent casino. The casino partnered with BetRivers Sportsbook ahead of its grand opening.

The 250,000-square-foot facility is located on Victory Boulevard near Tidewater Community College. It has nearly 1,500 slot machines, 57 table games, and a poker room with 24 tables.

Rivers Casino Portsmouth also has almost a dozen restaurants and other amenities.