Russell Wilson Is In “Pole Position” To Start Week 1 For The Pittsburgh Steelers

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There will be no QB competition more intriguing this offseason than the one brewing in Pittsburgh.

The Steelers acquired both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields this offseason.

Offensive coordinator Arthur Smith reiterated that Wilson is in “pole position” to be the team’s starting QB in week 1.

However, Justin Fields made it clear that he will do whatever he can to win the starting job.

The Steelers need to make this a true and legitimate competition in training camp and not already make up their minds on who will start.

Below, we discuss whether the Steelers will start Wilson or Fields to begin the season and if the offense will be improved from the last few seasons.

Who Will Start Week One Under Center For The Steelers?

The QB battle will be the most intriguing storyline coming out of Pittsburgh this offseason.

Russell Wilson stated “I feel the fountain of youth. I feel revived in every way – mentally, emotionally, spiritually.”

Fields has stated he does not plan to sit on the bench all season.

ESPN’s Brooke Pryor stated one of the key storylines in minicamps is whether Justin Fields will get first-team reps.

This would be a huge indication as to whether this is a legitimate competition or if the Steelers already have their minds made up that Wilson will start week 1.

Wilson is the more proven commodity of the two QBs but Fields offers more potential and upside.

Fields can do more things with his legs than Wilson can at this stage of Wilson’s career.

However, Wilson may still be more reliable to run Arthur Smith’s offense.

When Wilson signed, he was told he would start.

However, he was told this when Kenny Pickett was still on the team.

The Steelers traded Pickett shortly after acquiring Wilson.

After trading Pickett, the Steelers needed a backup QB and acquired Fields.

This made things a little murky as to which QB would start.

Mike Tomlin and Arthur Smith have reiterated that Wilson remains in pole position to start.

The Steelers should make this a true competition in camp and see which QB will prevail.

However, by the sounds of it, Wilson is the likely candidate to start week 1 for the Steelers.

Will The Steelers’ Offense Be Improved From The Last Few Seasons?

The Pittsburgh Steelers made some massive offseason changes on offense.

Changes began midway through last season when the Steelers fired offensive coordinator Matt Canada midseason.

After letting Matt Canada go, Pittsburgh hired Arthur Smith as the new offensive coordinator in the offseason.

This was just the beginning of revamping the offense.

The Steelers would sign QB Russell Wilson, trade away QB Kenny Pickett to the Philadelphia Eagles, and then acquire QB Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears.

The offensive changes would not stop there.

Pittsburgh drafted Troy Fautanu in the first round to be a starting offensive tackle.

In round two, they drafted Zach Frazier to be the day-one starting center.

They also drafted WR Roman Wilson in round three to compete to be the starting slot WR.

All of these changes were made in an attempt to revamp an offense that has been sluggish for a few years.

Wilson is in “pole position” to start week 1.

One big glaring weakness for the Steelers on offense that they have not addressed this offseason is finding a legit number two WR.

This will put a lot of pressure on WR George Pickens.

The Steelers expect to have a top rush attack under Arthur Smith.

With a revamped offensive line and Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, the Steelers will run the ball and set up play action under Smith’s offense.

Smith had tremendous success running the ball with the Titans with Derrick Henry and the Steelers resemble a similar offense to the one the Titans had.

Pittsburgh’s offense will be improved with much better play calling, scheme, a better rush attack, and more play action.

However, the passing game is still going to be a weakness with no WR weapon outside of Pickens and Wilson has not seen the success passing the ball as he has in his prime.

Pittsburgh’s offense will be improved from the last few years but it will not be good enough to compete with the top teams in the AFC.