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Sportradar Enhances Advertising Tech For Gambling Operators

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Sportradar Enhances Advertising Tech For Gambling Operators

Sportradar has innovated its own advertising tech to help gambling operators. The sports data aggregator announced on Thursday the enhancement of its ad programmatic advertising service with the roll out of its audio and digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising screens.

Sportradar developed audio and DOOH advertising screens for digital audio users worldwide

Audio and DOOH advertising screens allow Sportradar’s customers to reach millions of digital audio users worldwide. Digital screens are becoming more commonplace and more cost-effective compared to traditional OOH advertising, according to the sports data provider.

“Companies in an industry as competitive as betting and gaming need to employ smart brand strategies to cut through the noise,” said Sportradar VP of Product, Marketing, and Advertising Services Ralf Ollig. “That’s where our two new programmatic advertising channels come into play: DOOH and audio. These channels are in a prime position to reach a huge number of potential customers at the top-of-funnel.”

Additionally, Sportradar will be using audio ads to reach digital audio users through podcasts, streaming services, and internet radio. Audio ads essentially provide clients with a more personalized experience. In fact, they can be scheduled around relevant sporting events with an integrated sports calendar targeting.

Sportradar’s SVP of Marketing Services, Niki Beier, also released a statement:

“Sportradar is offering betting operators more opportunities to reach their target audiences. With audio consumption having increased by over 1000% in the past seven years and global DOOH ad spend projected to nearly triple by 2030, these channels are ideal for operators to enhance brand recognition and improve the efficiency of their advertising campaigns.”

The company offers access to more than 600,000 digital outdoor screens globally

Furthermore, Sportradar offers access to over 600,000 digital outdoor screens in more than 100 countries across the globe. The company’s marketing technology is already impacting the gambling industry by delivering adverts to sports fans and bettors in real-time.

“Our inventory and our targeting algorithms allow betting and gaming operators to choose ad screen locations that are relevant to sportsbook and casino customers,” added Ollig.

“Our data allows us to analyze all the locations where conversions take place, creating a heatmap of geographic areas with the highest likelihood of finding potential customers.”

Moreover, the company’s AI-driven technology places relevant messages on DOOH screens in areas popular with sports fans, including near stadiums, arenas, and sports stores.