Victor Wembanyama Is Confident France Can Win Gold At The 2024 Olympics

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Spurs star Victor Wembanyama

When asked about the French team and the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris after training with the Spurs in San Antonio on Thursday, Victor Wembanyama said he was looking forward to facing the USA and was confident of winning the tournament with Les Bleus. The Olympics sportsbooks on the other hand has France at +1200 and USA at -650, which should speak for itself regarding their beliefs in France winning the gold medals. 

Les Bleus inherited a group with Germany and Japan while waiting to find out their fourth opponent. What do you think of this draw and of avoiding the USA in the group phase?
“We’ve got a potentially tricky group, even if it looks interesting and affordable for us. What about the USA? Playing a team in the group stage or in the semi-finals is the same thing. The fact that they’re coming in full strength is the best thing for me. I’d rather play the best team from each country than just two or three of them.”

What do the Olympic Games mean to you, and what are your fondest memories as a spectator?
“It’s a huge event that makes me dream. It’s an event I’ve been watching since I was a kid. For example, I remember seeing the women’s basketball team in the final in London in 2012 [losing 86-50 to the USA]. It’s my most distant memory, I think.”

Would not winning the gold medal in Paris this summer be a failure for you and Les Bleus?
“I’d consider it a failure if I thought we could have done better. At the same time, I think the gold medal is very attainable if we play in such a way as not to have any regrets.”

Your partnership with Rudy Gobert promises to be a sparkling one. Have you had time to think about it during this long NBA season?
“Of course I’m thinking about it, and I’m already talking about it with the players and those in charge of the French team. It’s going to be something new and rarely seen with two profiles like that on the court at the same time. There’s a lot of research to be done on the part of the coaches and ourselves to see how we can make this association work.”

Two months will pass between the end of your first NBA season on April 14, and the start of the Games preparation camp with Les Bleus on June 17. How will you be preparing for the event?
“I’ll be resting for a few days at the end of the season, and then I’ll be working non-stop until the Olympics (he smiles). I’ll be in both France and the United States, but more often in the States. Simply because of the quality of the facilities I have access to here. And I hope Rudy will join us as late as possible, which will be a good problem.”

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