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If the Los Angeles Rams want to be the first team to repeat as Super Bowl champions in nearly two decades, they’ll have to first navigate the toughest 2022 NFL schedule. Well, at least according to the collective winning percentage their 2022 opponents had during the 2021 campaign anyway.

Truth be told, that’s really the only feasible way we can rank the strength of schedule for all 32 NFL teams ahead of any season. But we won’t actually know if the Rams had the most challenging 2022 NFL schedule until the season is over, will we?

However, it does seem as if the Rams will have a rough go of it looking at their opponents on paper. Sure, they lucked out with this being the year the NFC West plays the NFC South, which doesn’t look great once you get past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But the NFC West also matches up this year against the AFC West, which now has four legit Super Bowl contenders, given all the moves made during this wild NFL offseason.

And that’s what really makes this whole thing complicated. Sure, anyone playing the Denver Broncos this year is playing a team that went 7-10. But they didn’t have Russell Wilson then.

Any team that has the Packers on their 2022 NFL schedule matches up against a squad that went 13-4. But Aaron Rodgers had more weapons last year, didn’t he?

But last year’s wins and losses (or ties, as the case may be) is the formula we’ve got to work with. And based on that formula, the Rams, Cardinals, Bengals, and Buccaneers have the four toughest schedules. But it’s the bottom four that are even more interesting as it’s comprised of the four teams in the NFC East. The Dallas Cowboys and Washington Commanders are tied with the “easiest” 2022 NFL schedule.

Strength of schedule for all 32 NFL teams

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Here’s a full breakdown of the 2022 NFL schedule strength rankings for all 32 teams.

RankTeamOpp. 2021 win %
1Los Angeles Rams.567 (164-125-0)
2Arizona Cardinals.543 (157-132-0)
3Cincinnati Bengals.536 (154-133-2)
4Tampa Bay Buccaneers.535 (154-134-1)
T5San Francisco 49ers.533 (154-135-0)
T5Kansas City Chiefs.533 (154-135-0)
T7Las Vegas Raiders.528 (152-136-1)
T7New Orleans Saints.528 (152-136-1)
9Atlanta Falcons.524 (151-137-1)
10Los Angeles Chargers.519 (150-139-0)
11Seattle Seahawks.517 (149-139-1)
T12Carolina Panthers.512 (147-140-2)
T12Pittsburgh Steelers.512 (148-141-0)
T12Buffalo Bills.512 (148-141-0)
15Denver Broncos.509 (147-142-0)
16New England Patriots.498 (143-144-2)
T17New York Jets.495 (142-145-2)
T17Cleveland Browns.495 (142-145-2)
19Houston Texans.488 (141-148-0)
20Minnesota Vikings.484 (139-148-2)
21Miami Dolphins.481 (138-149-2)
22Green Bay Packers.478 (147-150-2)
23Baltimore Ravens.474 (136-151-2)
T24Chicago Bears.471 (135-152-2)
T24Tennessee Titans.471 (136-153-0)
T26Jacksonville Jaguars.469 (135-153-1)
T26Indianapolis Colts.469 (135-153-1)
28Detroit Lions.467 (135-154-0)
29New York Giants.465 (134-154-1)
30Philadelphia Eagles.464 (133-154-2)
T31Dallas Cowboys.462 (133-155-1)
T31Washington Commanders.462 (133-155-1)

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