Same game parlay betting simply allows you to combine multiple bets from a single sporting event into one parlay bet.

But, with so many combinations and markets to choose from, we’ll take you through the variations, show examples of how they work in different sports, and even throw in a few handy tips.

What Is a Same Game Parlay?

A same game parlay (SGP) is a type of wager that allows a sports bettor to mix multiple wagers from a single sporting event into one parlay bet – the same as a Bet Builder. This betting format is popular because it offers the potential for higher payouts than betting on each event individually. SGPs are available for various sports, including football, basketball, hockey, and baseball.

The basics of single game parlay betting are straightforward. You select different outcomes within the same game, such as which team will win, how many points or goals will be scored, and individual player performances. For example, in an NFL game, you might bet on the final score, the number of passing yards for a quarterback, and a specific player to score a touchdown.

These combined bets create a parlay with higher potential returns because the odds of each individual bet multiply together. However, this also increases the risk since all parts of the parlay must win for the wager to be successful. If any single bet loses, the entire parlay is lost.

Are Same Game Parlays Good Value Bets?

These parlays can offer exciting potential payouts, but are they good value bets? The answer depends on what you’re looking for in your betting experience.

From a purely financial perspective, SGPs are often not the best value bets. Crypto betting sites use algorithms to adjust the odds, accounting for the correlations between bets. This means the payouts are usually lower than if the bets were completely independent.

For example, in soccer, if you bet on a team to win and their star player to score, the odds are adjusted because the two outcomes are related. As a result, the expected return on SGPs is typically less favorable compared to traditional single bets or standard parlays with unrelated bets.

However, SGPs can provide high entertainment value. Combining more than one bet into one can make watching the event more exciting, as you have several outcomes to cheer for.

Drawbacks of Same Game Parlays

Same game parlay betting can be exciting, but it comes with several drawbacks. One significant risk is that all the bets in your parlay must win for you to get a payout. This means if just one part of your wager loses, you lose the entire parlay, making SGPs inherently riskier than single bets.

Another drawback is the odds adjustment. Sportsbooks use complex algorithms to calculate the odds, often making the payouts lower than what you’d get from combining independent bets. This means the potential reward is not always worth the higher risk.

Additionally, SGPs involve a lot of hidden math that sports bettors can’t know. The algorithms consider the correlation between bets, adjusting the odds in ways that are not transparent. This makes it harder for bettors to judge the actual value of their wagers.

Finally, the excitement and higher potential payouts can lead to overbetting, where bettors place larger or more frequent bets than they should. This can quickly deplete your bankroll and lead to losses.

Which Sportsbooks Offer SGPs?

Many popular offshore sportsbooks offer same game parlays, providing sports bettors with various options to enhance their betting experience. Here’s a look at what some of the top sportsbooks offer in terms of SGPs.


BetOnline is well-known for its comprehensive major sports betting options, including SGPs. It offers a user-friendly interface and competitive odds. BetOnline is popular among bettors for its wide range of betting markets and quick payouts. Its SGP feature is easy to use, allowing you to combine multiple bets from a single event effortlessly.

same game parlay betting - BetOnline build your own parlay


Bovada is another top choice for SGPs, primarily known for its extensive prop bet options. Bovada provides a smooth betting experience with an intuitive platform that makes creating SGPs straightforward. They are highly regarded for their excellent customer service and reliable payout system.

same game parlay betting - Bovada build your own parlay


Everygame, formerly known as Intertops, offers SGPs with a focus on providing value to bettors. The sportsbook is known for its generous bonuses and promotions, which can enhance your SGP experience. Everygame’s platform is user-friendly and offers a variety of betting options, including in-play betting, which can be combined into SGPs for a dynamic betting experience.

Same Game Parlay Combinations

Same game parlay betting lets you combine more than one bet from one game into a single wager for a bigger payout. This betting style is popular because it’s fun and profitable if you make smart choices.

To bet a same game parlays, you need to understand the two main types of wagers: correlated and uncorrelated. Correlated bets are connected and affect each other, while uncorrelated bets are independent. Let’s dive into examples of both.

Correlated Same Game Parlays

To know the answer to the question “What is a same game parlay?” you need to know more about how correlated bets work. Correlated bets are those that are related, meaning if one happens, the others are more likely to occur. For example, let’s say you’re betting on an NFL game. A correlated SGP might include the following bets:

  1. Team A to win: If you think Team A will win, you might also think they’ll score a lot of points.
  2. Over 2.5 touchdowns for Team A: If Team A is winning, they’re probably scoring more touchdowns.
  3. Quarterback of Team A to throw over 250 yards: If Team A is scoring a lot, their quarterback will likely have a good game and throw many yards.

These bets are correlated because if Team A is winning, it’s likely they’re scoring a lot, which means their quarterback is playing well. Combining these bets increases your payout and risk as well because all bets must win.

Uncorrelated Same Game Parlays

Uncorrelated bets don’t affect each other. For example, in the same NFL game, you might bet on the following:

  1. Team A to win: This bet stands alone, based on your belief that Team A will win.
  2. Under 50.5 total points in the game: This bet suggests the overall game will have fewer points, regardless of who wins.
  3. First player to score a touchdown from Team B: This bet is independent of the total points and who wins, focusing only on who scores first.

These bets don’t directly affect each other. Team A can win in a low-scoring game, and a player from Team B can still score the first touchdown. Uncorrelated SGPs are generally safer because they don’t rely on multiple related outcomes.

How To Place A Same Game Parlay

Same game parlays let you combine multiple bets from one game into a single wager for a higher payout. These bets can be related (correlated) or not related (uncorrelated). Here are some simple examples of SGPs for different sports to help you understand how to create your own.

NFL Same Game Parlay

For an NFL game, let’s say the Kansas City Chiefs are playing the Green Bay Packers. Let’s see how an example of this NFL one game parlay would play out at an NFL betting site.

  1. Chiefs to win: You think the Chiefs will win.
  2. Patrick Mahomes to throw over 300 yards: If the Chiefs win, Mahomes will likely throw a lot of yards.
  3. Travis Kelce to score a touchdown: If Mahomes throws a lot, Kelce might catch a touchdown.

You can see how these markets for this NFL same-game parlay correlate. With a Chiefs win, Mahomes will likely throw for many yards, which in turn will likely lead to a Travis Kelce touchdown. The more you see examples like this, the more you will understand how the markets you choose for your parlay bet can correlate.

NBA Same Game Parlay

In an NBA game, let’s say the Los Angeles Lakers are playing the Brooklyn Nets. Here’s an NBA odds example at an NBA betting site:

  1. Lakers to win: You believe the Lakers will win.
  2. LeBron James to score over 25 points: If the Lakers win, LeBron will probably score a lot.
  3. Anthony Davis to grab over 10 rebounds: If LeBron is shooting a lot, Davis might get more rebounds.

NHL Same Game Parlay

For an NHL game, let’s say the Toronto Maple Leafs are playing the Montreal Canadiens. Here is how an example of an NHL same game parlay would look like at an NHL betting site.

  1. Maple Leafs to win: You think the Maple Leafs will win.
  2. Auston Matthews to score a goal: If the Maple Leafs win, Matthews might score.
  3. Total goals over 5.5: If Matthews scores, there will likely be many goals in the game.

MLB Same Game Parlay

In an MLB game, let’s say the New York Yankees are playing the Boston Red Sox. Here’s an example of an MLB same game parlay at a top MLB betting site:

  1. Yankees to win: You believe the Yankees will win.
  2. Aaron Judge to hit a home run: If the Yankees win, Judge might hit a home run.
  3. Total runs over 8.5: If Judge hits a home run, the game might have many runs.

Calculating the Odds for Same Game Parlays

Calculating the odds for same game parlays can be tricky because the sharpest betting sites use special algorithms. These algorithms consider the correlation between the bets. For example, if you bet on a quarterback to throw over 300 yards and their team to win, these bets are connected. If the quarterback throws a lot of yards, the team is more likely to win.

Here’s a simple way to understand the calculation with our example:

1. List the individual odds

Start by noting the odds for each individual bet. For example:

  1. Team to win: +150 (2.50)
  2. Quarterback to throw over 300 yards: +200 (3.00)
  3. Receiver to score a touchdown: +100 (2.00)

2. Convert to decimal odds

If the odds are in American format, convert them to decimal. The above examples are already in decimal format.

3. Multiply the odds

Multiply the decimal odds together. For our example:

2.50 (Team win) * 3.00 (Quarterback yards) * 2.00 (Receiver touchdown) = 15.00

4. Adjust for correlation

Sportsbooks adjust these calculations for correlations, often reducing the payout. So, while you expect 15.00, the actual payout is lower due to the high correlation between the bets.

The key takeaway is that while you can estimate SGP odds by multiplying individual bet odds, the sportsbook will adjust the final payout to account for correlations, often making the odds less favorable than they appear. Always check the final odds on the sportsbook before placing your bet.

Same Game Parlays and the Real Odds

Same game parlays offer the allure of higher payouts by combining more than one bet from a single game. However, the actual odds of winning an SGP are more complex than they seem. Each individual bet has its own odds, and when combined, these create a cumulative payout that can be very enticing. For instance, if you bet on a team to win, a player to score, and the total points to go over a certain number, each of these has its own probability.

In theory, you might calculate the combined odds by multiplying the individual probabilities. However, sportsbooks use sophisticated algorithms to account for correlations between these bets, often reducing the payout to reflect the increased likelihood of related outcomes.

For example, if a quarterback is likely to throw for many yards, it’s also more probable that his team will score many points and win. These correlations mean the actual probability of winning NFL one game parlays is lower than the combined odds might suggest.

Sportsbooks typically offer lower payouts for SGPs compared to traditional parlays with independent bets. This adjustment helps them manage their risk.

Same Game Parlays and Voided Legs

When placing one game parlays, understanding the rules on voided legs is crucial. A voided leg occurs when part of your parlay is cancelled, such as a player not participating due to injury. How sportsbooks handle voided legs can significantly impact your potential payout.

Some sportsbooks recalibrate the odds after a leg is voided. This means they adjust the overall parlay odds to reflect the removal of the cancelled bet. For instance, if you had a three-leg parlay and one leg was voided, the sportsbook recalculates the odds as if you had placed a two-leg parlay originally. This adjustment can affect both the payout and the probability of winning.

Other sportsbooks handle voided legs differently. Instead of recalculating the odds, they might simply cancel the whole bet and return the stake. For example, if you had a three-leg SGP and one leg was voided, your parlay would be cancelled, and even if the other two bets land, you wouldn’t get any winnings.

Same Game Parlay Strategy and Tips

A same game parlay bet is a popular way to mix up more than one bet from a single game into one wager for a more significant potential payout. Here are some tips and strategies that can help you with this betting approach.

Use a Parlay Calculator – A parlay calculator is a vital tool that helps you estimate potential payouts by combining odds from more than one bet into one wager. It’s essential to understand the potential risks and rewards of your same game parlay betting before placing your bet.

Do Research and Look for Narratives and Correlations – Conducting thorough research is crucial when creating an SGP. Look for meaningful connections between different aspects of the game, such as a team’s performance against specific opponents or in certain weather conditions. Identifying correlated bets, where one outcome influences another, can increase your chances of a successful parlay.

Shop Around for the Best OddsOnline sportsbooks offer varying odds for the same bets. By comparing these odds across multiple platforms, you can ensure you get the best possible payout for your SGP. This step is straightforward yet can significantly impact your overall returns, making it a critical part of your betting strategy.

Look for Inefficiencies – Another strategy to consider is identifying inefficiencies in the betting market. This involves spotting discrepancies where the sportsbook undervalues a player or team’s true potential. You can potentially increase your profitability by capitalizing on these opportunities and incorporating them into your SGP.

Be Aware of Voided Legs – Understanding how sportsbooks handle voided legs – such as when a player’s participation is uncertain, or a game is cancelled – is essential. Voided legs can impact your parlay’s outcome and payout structure. Being informed about these rules helps you manage expectations and adjust your betting strategy accordingly.

Look for Asymmetry in the Odds – Asymmetry in odds refers to situations where the sportsbook misprices the probability of an outcome. By recognizing these disparities and betting on undervalued outcomes relative to their actual likelihood, you can gain an advantage. This strategic approach enhances the probability of your SGP succeeding and maximizes potential returns.

Find Usage Changes Before They Change – Anticipating changes in player usage or team dynamics before they are reflected in sportsbook odds can provide significant betting value. For example, if a key player is expected to receive increased playing time or responsibilities due to recent performance trends or roster changes, incorporating this insight into your SGP can give you a competitive edge.

Bet Small – Starting with smaller bets is prudent when engaging in SGPs, which are inherently high-risk, high-reward wagers. This approach allows you to manage your bankroll effectively while still enjoying the excitement and potential payout associated with parlays.

Distribution of Stats Is Key – Understanding how statistics are distributed across different aspects of a game—such as player performance, team strategies, and historical matchups—plays a crucial role in selecting your bets for same game parlays. Focusing on areas where specific players or teams have a consistent impact or advantage can enhance the accuracy of your predictions and increase the likelihood of your parlay’s success.

Consider Unders and Nos – Betting on “under” outcomes or scenarios where an event does not occur—such as no goals or no touchdowns—can offer valuable opportunities in SGPs. These types of bets are often less popular but can provide favorable odds and higher potential returns when the market overestimates the likelihood of certain multiple outcomes occurring. Check out our Sports Betting Guides for more expert advice on this.

Avoid Sportsbooks that Hide Odds – Transparency in odds is essential when placing bets, particularly in SGPs, where accuracy and clarity are critical to making informed decisions. Choosing reputable sportsbooks licenced and regulated by agencies like Curacao eGaming, that openly display all relevant odds ensures you have the necessary information to evaluate your bets accurately.

Conclusion on Same Game Parlay Betting

We know that same game parlays can seem complex at first, but you should now have a decent idea of how it works. While parlay betting might be one of the more tricky betting approaches to get right, it really ramps up the excitement of your experience. It also gives you the chance to win much bigger payouts – but, remember to master individual parlay betting first, before mixing numerous ones within the same event.

Same Game Parlays FAQs

Let’s get into a few of the most frequently asked questions about things like the same game parlay meaning, and more. This will help you round out your knowledge of this betting approach.

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