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Sam is a casino fanatic with nearly a decade of experience working in the iGaming industry. Sam started as a sports betting analyst who now covers the ins and outs of online casinos, sportsbooks and more for esteemed publications like Sports Casting.

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What Is Alternate Spread in Betting? – Understanding Alternate Lines in Sports Betting

Ever wondered what is alternate spread in betting? Put simply, it is an adjusted betting line different from the official line, making an event more competitive, while bringing the odds closer together. It’s certainly not an aspect of sports betting that those new to sportsbooks will immediately gravitate towards, but it is still important you […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024
What Is Same Game Parlay Betting? – SGP Betting Explained

Same game parlay betting simply allows you to combine multiple bets from a single sporting event into one parlay bet. But, with so many combinations and markets to choose from, we’ll take you through the variations, show examples of how they work in different sports, and even throw in a few handy tips. What Is […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024
What Are Alternate Passing Yards in Betting? – Alt Passing Yards Meaning Explained

Have you found yourself wondering, what are alternate passing yards? Well, we are here to clear up any confusion you might have on how to use this market for your bets and give you expert tips and strategies for using it effectively. To understand how alt passing yards work in betting, you need to appreciate […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024
How to Bet on WWE Matches – Complete WWE Betting Guide 2024

Learning how to bet on WWE matches is easier than you might think. Moreover, there are plenty of WWE events throughout the year, ensuring there are more than enough opportunities to hone your skills, and you’re in the right place to learn more. Let’s take a look at what events you can bet on, what […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024
How to Bet on Copa America – Copa America 2024 Betting Guide

Knowing how to bet on Copa America is a great way of unlocking a number of exciting markets for this spectacular soccer tournament. So, stay tuned as we help you understand the process of placing bets online for this spectacular tournament. From finding the right sportsbook to placing well-researched bets, we’ve covered every blade of […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024
Best Copa America Betting Sites in the US for 2024 – Top Copa America Online Sportsbooks Ranked

Copa America 2024 betting sites will be aplenty this summer, but if you are looking for the very best sportsbook for Copa America betting, you’re in the right place. Below, we list ten of the best Copa America 2024 betting sites in the US, along with tips and guides to betting on South America’s biggest […]

Sam Wilffred  •  11 Jul 2024