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Darrelle is a contributing writer for Sportscasting. When not writing about the NBA or college football, he enjoys spending time with his family and getting into discussions about the tv show Homeland.

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Are Jets Coach Adam Gase and RB Le’Veon Bell the Same Page?

Running back Le’Veon Bell and coach Adam Gase are both New York Jets newcomers, and they’re both on the same page when it come to offense.

Darrelle Thompson  •  17 Jul 2024
Michael Jordan Got More Pleasure Playing for North Carolina Than He Ever Did in the NBA

Michael Jordan was the face of basketball, winning a national championship with the North Carolina Tar Heels and Chicago Bulls.

Darrelle Thompson  •  02 Oct 2023
Michael Jordan Tried to Sneak a Smart Clause Into His First NBA Contract

Even as a rookie Michael Jordan was savvy about maximizing his earnings. Jordan and his agent tried to get a sneaky clause into the contract.

Darrelle Thompson  •  12 Jun 2023
Michael Jordan Always Thought the Lakers and Kobe Bryant Made a Big Mistake Getting Rid of Shaquille O’Neal

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were similar players who didn’t settle for anything less than greatness. But did Bryant make a big mistake?

Darrelle Thompson  •  07 Jun 2023
Why Did Wilt Chamberlain Not Fix the One Part of His Game That Held Him Back?

Wilt Chamberlain may very well have been the most dominant NBA player ever. But there was one glaring flaw in his game that he never fixed.

Darrelle Thompson  •  21 Feb 2023
The 6 NBA Coaches Who Have Won the Most Championships as a Player and Coach

Few athletes know what it’s like to win in more ways than one. These NBA players have won the most championships as both a player and a coach.

Darrelle Thompson  •  07 Jun 2022
The Detroit Pistons Weren’t Michael Jordan’s 1st NBA Rival

During Michael Jordan’s NBA career, he had a number of rivals, including a team that many fans wouldn’t expect, the Detroit Pistons.

Darrelle Thompson  •  03 Apr 2021
Are NBA Players Danny Green and Jeff Green Related?

Danny Green and Jeff Green entered the NBA a few years apart. So it’s understandable to ask: Are they related?

Darrelle Thompson  •  27 Mar 2021
Serena Williams Is One of the Most Fined Players in Women’s Tennis

Despite Serena Williams being one of the most dominant players to ever step on a tennis court. She’s had her share of issues over the years.

Darrelle Thompson  •  01 Mar 2021
Zion Williamson Finally Has a Teammate Who Is as Strong as Him

A move by the Pelicans has flown under the radar: the acquisition of a teammate who’s excited to work with Zion Williamson.

Darrelle Thompson  •  21 Feb 2021