How Much Are Courtside Tickets at NBA Games?

Oh, those coveted courtside tickets. How many times have you attended an NBA game and wished for that sweet spot a few feet away from the action? You won’t look at an NBA game the same way ever again if you ever get access to this premium fan experience.

When you glance over to the courtside seats, you’ll likely see a handful of celebrities enjoying the game. How much do they pay for courtside tickets? Can you get one without handing over a fortune? Let’s find out.

Where can you get courtside tickets to NBA games?

Some of the lucky fans you see near the court probably didn’t put much effort into buying those tickets. Corporations often purchase a dozen to hand out to executives and clients. Meanwhile, agencies and media companies get tickets to promote talent.

Media personalities often get free tickets from players or managers, too. Sitting courtside at an NBA game gives them exposure, especially if they have an upcoming project..

An average person can purchase courtside tickets with a season package or buy them directly on the NBA Tickets website. But when it comes to buying such tickets to playoffs, you can’t be anything short of a tycoon to afford them. However, for regular-season games, it’s possible to grab a couple without selling your soul to the devil.

How much are courtside tickets?

The range of courtside ticket cost is pretty impressive. According to Sportster, you could pay between $300 and $50,000 depending on:

  • How popular a team is
  • How well a team is doing
  • The arena where the game takes place
  • How close the season is to the playoffs

Considering these factors, the cost of courtside tickets varies year to year. You have more chances of buying cheaper courtside tickets to low-market team games than trying to get close to the Lakers, Clippers, or Rockets.

When playoffs roll around, the courtside ticket prices jump out of an average person’s pay grade. As the season gets closer to the finals, it’s time for crazy record-setting.

In 2019, someone paid over $100,000 for two courtside tickets to see the Warriors and Raptors in the finals. Surprisingly enough, they could’ve paid even more. The most expensive courtside tickets for that game cost $120,000 a pair.

That’s not even a true record. In 2017, an NBA fan dished out $133,000 for two tickets to Game 5 of the NBA finals between Warriors and Cavaliers. In 2016, someone paid a little under $100,000 for two tickets to a Warriors and Cavaliers finals matchup, according to USA Today.

Why are front-row seats to NBA games so popular?

Besides giving you intimate access to the action, courtside seats usually include the following services depending on the arena:

  • Valet parking
  • All-inclusive food and beverage
  • VIP entrance
  • Waiter service

How low can you go?

Some people want the benefits so much that they’ll break the law. Last year, Warriors fan Trevor Laub claimed he got access to courtside seats for just $100 per month, reports Business Insider.

He purchased a “building pass”, which allowed him to watch games on the big TV and eat at restaurants inside Oracle Arena. By doing a little photo editing, the fan managed to sit courtside during the majority of home games without paying extra.  

Surprisingly, although the guy posted a video of his scheme, he didn’t get punished. In fact, he thinks he did Warriors a big favor. “I think they should be thanking me for exposing a huge flaw in their system and security. They can take this video, go back to the drawing board, draw out better security measures.”

How far are you willing to go to get courtside tickets to 2020 NBA Finals?

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