England Uses Soccer Jersey Stunt To Raise Awareness For Alzheimer’s

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England nameless soccer jersey

England soccer players took to the pitch without names on the back of their shirts in the second half of their friendly against Belgium at Wembley on Tuesday for a good cause. 

In the second half of the friendly against Belgium at Wembley on Tuesday evening, England players returned to the pitch with soccer jerseys that didn’t bear the names that had been presented at the start of the contest. The aim was to support research into Alzheimer’s disease.

The Football Association (FA), the British soccer federation, had announced earlier in the day that “names will disappear from players’ shirts when they return to the pitch after half-time, drawing attention to the way people with dementia lose precious memories, even the names of their favorite soccer players.”

The match was dedicated to the Alzheimer’s Society as part of a charity partnership between the FA and the association. It is also a preventive action to encourage fans to learn about the symptoms of diseases that affect memory, to better detect them in themselves or their loved ones.

These special shirts were sold after the match by the England team to raise funds for the Alzheimer’s Society and support research.

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