Major League Baseball’s Most Self-Aware Pitcher Gives Hilarious NSFW Reality Check About His Weight On Live TV

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Jose Alvarado Fat

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher José Alvarado is one of the biggest pitchers in the MLB. Both in terms of personality and literal size.

It’s not that he is particularly tall.

The 28-year-old lefty is only 6-foot-2. However, he is listed at a generous 245 pounds and it’s probably 10 to 15 pounds lighter than reality.

Alvarado is very self-aware of his significant weight. Especially as he gets back into action during spring training after the offseason.

Jose Alvarado is fat.

NBC Sports Philadelphia spoke with Alvarado during the sixth inning of Monday’s game, which led to the funniest on-air moment of the season thus far. One of the interview questions about a pitcher’s lower body quickly went off of the rails. Things quickly took a NSFW turn on live television!

Alvarado not-so jokingly referred to himself as a “grizzly bear.” He then proceeded to offer an incredible quote that NBC Sports’ sensors failed to catch. The F-word made it to air!

“Bro, I feel like a fat boy,” Alvarado said. “I’m f—— fat.”

It sounds better in his own words:

The good news for Alvarado is that baseball is the most forgiving sport in terms of weight. Being a fat boy is not indicative of success or failure. If anything, some of the best players in Major League Baseball history were/are on the heavy side!

To make Alvarado’s soundbite even funnier, the Venezuelan closer often struggled with his command the English language no more than two or three years ago. Now he is dropping F-Bombs on live television during a lengthy mid-game interview that ultimately shifted toward his weight.

That is quite the swing!

Few players in the MLB are as funny as Alvarado. Even fewer are as self-aware as the 245-pound (ish) Philadelphia Phillies pitcher. He is happy to admit that he is fat with a big smile on his face.

We love him for that.