Sixto Sanchez

Sixto Sanchez Has 1 of the Coolest Names in the MLB

The Miami Marlins had an interesting 2020 season. It was full of tense moments, big wins, and some great players. One player, a rookie with the unusual name of Sixto Sanchez, generated a great deal of buzz for MLB fans. Who is Sixto Sanchez Many Miami Marlin fans are pinning their hopes on Sixto Sanchez. Sanchez hasn’t had a dream rookie season with …

Jessica Mendoza of ESPN

Who Is Jessica Mendoza?

Jessica Mendoza has been with ESPN since 2007. This season, she will see her role expanded as an MLB analyst and will be featured in more weekly broadcasts.

MLB Spring Training

Did MLB Just Cancel the Season Without Saying It?

MLB announced late Friday it was shutting down all spring training facilities with increased numbers of positive COVID-19 tests for a deep cleaning. Will it return or is this MLB’s way of cancelling the season without saying it?


Whatever Happened to Former Cleveland Indians Slugger Albert Belle?

Should Albert Belle be in Major League Baseball’s Hall of Fame? Some have been asking that question which means Belle had himself quite a professional baseball career. Belle’s baseball performance sometimes was overshadowed by his antics both on and off the field. Belle was a five-time all-star but was also one of the toughest guys …