LeBron James Sent a Terrifying Message to the Rest of the NBA

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LeBron James

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have arrived at the bubble and the four-time NBA MVP has a message for the other 21 teams in Orlando: he’s ready to destroy people.

LeBron James was having an MVP-caliber season before the shutdown

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Before the 2019-2020 NBA season came to a screeching halt four months ago due to COVID-19, LeBron James was having yet another monster season and had the Los Angeles Lakers in prime position to make a run at a 17th championship, which would tie the rival Boston Celtics for the most in history.

In his 17th year in the league, LeBron was having one of the best overall seasons of his career, averaging 25.7 points, an NBA-best 10.6 assists, and 7.9 rebounds before play stopped. The Lakers sit atop the Western Conference standings with a 49-14 record, 5.5 games better than the LA Clippers, against whom they’ll resume their season in a high-profile matchup on July 30.

As teams are just playing eight seeding games before the postseason begins, LeBron James & Co. should find themselves as the top seed in the West when the playoffs begin in August.

The three-time champ says he feels safe in the bubble

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LeBron James and the Lakers arrived at the bubble in Orlando this past Thursday to prepare for the resumption of the season and the three-time NBA champion told Sports Illustrated that he’s healthy and feels that the team, who had multiple players test positive for COVID-19 a few months back, is being as safe as can be under the protocols set by the league.

“I believe in [NBA commissioner] Adam Silver. He has given me no reason to ever not believe in him since he took over. And I believe in our franchise that we’re doing everything that we can to stay safe. So I have no concerns, unless concerns started to happen, and we’ll cross that bridge if it happens. But I’m here 100 percent in great health and I’m looking forward to getting back onto the floor.”

LeBron James

Saying he’s looking forward to getting back onto the floor was the polite version of how King James feels about going back to work. His true feelings came out in an Instagram post over the weekend.

LeBron James is ready to destroy the rest of the NBA

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If it wasn’t already clear that LeBron James was ready to get back to work, he certainly got his point across on Sunday. In a new Instagram post featuring some amazing fan art, James posted the following:

“Almost time to come out of the Cryogenic Tank and get back to destroying whoever in front of me. Be Aware!”

LeBron James

Wow, now that’s some intensity. With the future of Anthony Davis up in the air as he enters free agency, this may be LeBron James’ best shot at winning a fourth NBA title and the three-time NBA Finals MVP has put the rest of the league on notice that he’s ready to get after it.