NHL Records: This Player Recorded a Hat Trick in 21 Seconds

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Hockey goal

For an NHL player, recording a hat trick can be one of the most moments of their career. It shows the offensive prowess of the player, and more often than not is the deciding factor in a team’s victory.

There have been some fast hat tricks during the history of the NHL, and today we are going to discuss who recorded the fastest hat trick. Plus, if there’s a chance for the record to ever be broken.

Let’s set the stage

To go back to the fastest hat trick we have to go to the Windy City of Chicago. The year was 1952 and the New York Rangers were slated to play the Chicago Blackhawks.

Bill Mosienko, of the Blackhawks, was one of the game’s top goalscorers, tallying 32 in his first full season in the league. He was an offensive force capable of scoring from anywhere on the ice.

There were a few factors working against the Rangers. The first was New York was down both of their full-time goalies. They had to resort to calling up a minor league option in Lorne Anderson. Anderson played for the New York Rovers.

The second was their ace defenseman, Hy Buller, was playing on a cracked ankle. This hindered his ability to skate in a straight line at top speed, and altered his ability to change directions.

The moment the hat trick happened

The Rangers were up 6-2 in the third period. It was then that future hall-of-famer Mosienko decided to take over the game. With 28 goals already on the season, Mosienko looked to reach the 30-goal milestone for the second time of his career.

He headed up the right side of the ice and rocketed a shot past Anderson with 6:09 left in the game. Goal one.

At the next faceoff, Mosienko was given an assist and quickly wrapped around to score his second goal, with 6:20 on the clock. Goal two.

Again at the next faceoff, Mosienko was able to squeeze around Buller and rocket his third goal, with 6:30 on the clock. GOAL THREE, with only 21 seconds ticked off the clock!

But the Rangers were still up by one goal. Eventually, the Blackhawks would win the game 7-6 with two goals by Sid Finney. The shocking comeback was complete, all thanks to the quickest flurry of goals by one person ever.

Who has come close to beating the record?

In 1955, Jean Beliveau recorded a hat trick in 44 seconds. This was common for the time period as line management wasn’t as strict as it is today, and the pace of the game was much higher.

Derek King scored a hat trick in 78 seconds in 1991. He reached the milestone against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

When looking at the modern NHL the closest player of the last three decades has been Brayden Point. Who, in 2018, achieved the feat in 91 seconds for the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Can it be broken?

Most lines generally don’t take back-to-back shifts, so we think it will be very hard for this record to be broken anytime. It is one of hockey’s most infamous records, and it wouldn’t surprise us if Mosienko’s name is in that record book forever.