Tobias Harris Thinks Ben Simmons’ Jump Shot Is Almost There

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Tobias Harris and Ben Simmons

Ben Simmons is one of the NBA’s best young players. Entering the league out of LSU, he was an easy choice for the No. 1 pick in the 2016 NBA Draft. Simmons ability to attack the ring along with his length and athleticism makes him a tough matchup at the point guard position. The one aspect of his arsenal that needs work is his jump shot.

Teammate Tobias Harris recently made comments about Simmons’ workouts and today we will discuss those comments and explain how Simmons offense can become even better 2019.

Tobias Harris’ comments

Appearing on Fox Sport’s First Things First Harris said: “He’s working his tail off every single day, getting better….At that time, like last year, for him, he just wasn’t confident in shooting it…But still super productive. He’s like a deer in the front court of just running and getting out in transition, can get to the rim at will, stronger, can post up, etcetera. For him to add that element now, where teams have to defend that and guard that, and just know that he’s going to be able to shoot, improves us as a whole group.”

This makes a lot of sense because we have seen the viral videos of Ben Simmons attempting jump shots and three-pointers and making them. Could it just be an issue of confidence for the young guard?  Last year Simmons averaged 17 points, nearly nine rebounds, and almost eight assists per game.

Simmons attempted just six 3-pointers last season and shot 60% from the free-throw line. If it’s an issue upstairs mentally, the Sixers could be looking at another Markelle Fultz situation, where the lack of confidence in his shot can completely affect how he plays the game going forward.

How good can Ben Simmons make his jump shot?

Simmons is already an All-NBA caliber player, so if he were to even become an average threat with his jumper during a fast break or hit one or two 3-pointers in a game, we could be looking at someone that could contend for a scoring title real soon. With the losses of Jimmy Butler and J. J. Redick, the Sixers don’t have many threats shooting the ball from outside.

Simmons will be relied on to score more as Al Horford and Joel Embiid will be taking up a lot of the area in the paint.

How will Philadelphia do next season?

After signing Al Horford, Philadelphia could be on paper the best team in the conference. You can make an argument for Ben Simmons being the first or second-best point guard in the conference as well. Tobias Harris re-signed with the team and can put up 17 points and eight rebounds on any given night.

When you add in Al Horford, who was a thorn in the side of the Sixers the last couple of playoff runs, only Milwaukee will be able to stop them from grabbing the No. 1 seed. Boston will be very good, and the Nets are improved with Kyrie Irving, but we won’t see how those teams play with their new additions until the season starts.