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Not many casual sports bettors love loading up on unders, especially in the NFL. It’s much more enjoyable to fire on a bunch of overs and root for touchdowns on NFL RedZone all day. But if that’s been your primary strategy to start the 2022-23 season, you aren’t having much fun at all.

Through six weeks of the NFL season, unders are hitting at a 60.6% pace (57-37). So, if you blindly bet $100 on all 94 games to go under the total, you’d be up nearly $1,500 in profit. Yeah, seriously.

NFL unders are 57-37 through six weeks

Russell Wilson is sacked by Yannick Ngakoue.
Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos is sacked by Yannick Ngakoue of the Indianapolis Colts | Justin Tafoya/Getty Images

Scoring in the NFL has been up across the board over the last few years, so game totals have understandably increased on average. But we aren’t seeing as many points to start this season, and sportsbooks have been slow to adjust.

Through six weeks, NFL teams are averaging 21.6 points per game. The scoring average is down from 23.0 in 2021 and 24.8 in 2020.

Because of the lower scores around the league, unders have a 57-37 record through 94 games, per a tweet from John Ewing of BetMGM. It’s the best start we’ve seen from unders since 1994, per a tweet from Darren Rovell of Action Network.

Only five teams — the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Las Vegas Raiders, New Orleans Saints, and Jacksonville Jaguars — have winning over records this season. On the other side, 19 teams have winning under records to this point.

Check out the breakdown of every team’s over/under record and their O/U margin below (stats courtesy of

TeamOver/Under RecordOver/Under Margin
Cleveland Browns5-1-0+8.9
Detroit Lions4-1-0+13.2
Las Vegas Raiders3-1-1+1.6
New Orleans Saints4-2-0+7.0
Jacksonville Jaguars4-2-0-1.4
Los Angeles Chargers3-3-0+0.8
Seattle Seahawks3-3-0+6.4
Kansas City Chiefs3-3-0+3.0
Philadelphia Eagles3-3-0-2.5
New England Patriots3-3-0-1.4
New York Jets3-3-0+1.8
Minnesota Vikings3-3-0-3.5
Atlanta Falcons3-3-0+1.5
Tennessee Titans2-3-0-1.8
Houston Texans2-3-0-7.0
Miami Dolphins2-4-0+0.2
Dallas Cowboys2-4-0-7.8
Pittsburgh Steelers2-4-0-2.0
New York Giants2-4-0-2.1
Washington Commanders2-4-0-4.0
Baltimore Ravens2-4-0+3.8
Chicago Bears2-4-0-5.0
Green Bay Packers2-4-0-4.6
Carolina Panthers2-4-0-0.3
Arizona Cardinals1-4-1-7.0
Buffalo Bills1-5-0-7.6
San Francisco 49ers1-5-0-6.4
Denver Broncos1-5-0-12.8
Los Angeles Rams1-5-0-6.8
Indianapolis Colts1-5-0-7.1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers1-5-0-8.4
Cincinnati Bengals1-5-0-3.2

A $100 bettor would be up nearly $1,500 blindly betting NFL unders this season


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Sports betting is nearly impossible to master, but we make it harder than it needs to be sometimes. If you solely bet the under on all 94 NFL games to start the 2022-23 season, you’d be up $1,490.96 through six weeks, per a tweet from Covers.

Is it time to start blindly tailing the under trend, or are overs due to start cashing to stabilize the market? Hopefully, you were just on the under trend from Week 1 and don’t have to worry about that.

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