Packers coach Matt LaFleur is just like NFL fans at home when it comes to deciding what is and isn't pass interference.

Packers Coach Matt LaFleur is Just Like NFL Fans in This 1 Way

Even as the league tries to make amends with flaws in its rulebook, pass interference remains a hot-button topic for NFL fans everywhere. Even after one of the teams in last year’s Super Bowl made it there thanks in large part to a botched no-call regarding the rule, everyone appears to be clueless as to …

Chicago Bears vs the Green Bay packers line up on the field to start a play

Bears vs. Packers and the Other Top 5 Games of NFL Week 1

With the flurry of trades and roster cuts after the final week of preseason games, our focus turns to Week 1 of the NFL season. Who will come out of the gate red hot? Which new head coaches will struggle in their first real action on the job? Today we will look at the five games we are …

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