Clint Bowyer Takes Serious Tone and Calls Out Kyle Busch for Petulant Behavior at Darlington

Clint Bowyer didn’t hold back what he thought about Kyle Busch’s behavior following his accident at Darlington and called out the two-time champ.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Kyle Larson Calls Out Clint Bowyer for His Rude Behavior and Surprisingly Admits He Needs to Act More Like Him

Kyle Larson blatantly calls out Clint Bowyer for his rude behavior and surprisingly admits it’s the best approach in certain situations.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer Takes Swipe at Hendrick Motorsports Drivers, Mocking Them for Not Being Tough

Clint Bowyer didn’t hesitate during his appearance on NASCAR Race Hub to fire a shot at the HMS drivers for not being tough.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer Shoots Down Danica Patrick and IndyCar: ‘That Doesn’t Work in This Real Racing of NASCAR’

Danica Patrick raced in IndyCar and NASCAR. During Sunday’s Cup broadcast, she referenced IndyCar multiple times and Clint Bowyer finally heard enough and took his shot.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Danica Patrick Talks About Reuniting With Clint Bowyer in Fox Booth and Reveals Surprise News on Her Personal Life

Danica Patrick visited with SiriusXM NASCAR Radio about working in the Fox broadcast booth this coming weekend, and also revealed a surprise nugget on her personal life.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer and Fox Ambush Tony Stewart During Daytona 500 Broadcast With Embarrassing Photo of 3-Time Cup Champion Dressed Like Woman

Clint Bowyer fired a big shot at Tony Stewart during the Daytona 500 prerace show that included a humiliating photo of the three-time Cup champion dressed like a woman.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer Gets New Broadcast Partner to Start 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Season, and It’s Someone Unafraid of Speaking the Truth

Clint Bowyer has a new broadcast partner to start the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series season and it should provide for some entertaining commentary and a lot of truth bombs.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Take Shots at Each Other After Next Gen Car Trial Run at Bowman Gray Stadium, Including 1 Surprisingly Calling the Other a Liar

Clint Bowyer and Dale Earnhardt Jr. fired shots at each other after both performed trial runs in the Next Gen car.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
NASCAR Calls on Dale Earnhardt Jr., Tony Stewart, and Clint Bowyer to Shake Out the Next Gen Car

Tony Stewart, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Clint Bowyer will help NASCAR test the Next Gen car this week in North Carolina.

John Moriello  •  01 Jul 2022