Clint Bowyer Serves up 1 More Reminder of What Haunts Denny Hamlin and Dings Kevin Harvick, Too

Clint Bowyer made reference to the blemish on Denny Hamlin’s resume while making a football analogy.

John Moriello  •  10 Feb 2023
Clint Bowyer Embarrassed During Clash Broadcast by Gwen Stefani, Who Talked About Time He Was ‘Wasted’ and Made a Confession

Clint Bowyer had an awkward and embarrassing moment during the Clash broadcast on Sunday when singer Gwen Stefani brought up a time that he was wasted and made a confession.

Kyle Dalton  •  06 Feb 2023
Clint Bowyer Moves Past Fatal Accident and Returns to Fox Where Teammates Welcome Him Back the Only Way They Know How — Mocking Him

Clint Bowyer returned to the NASCAR on Fox airwaves this week for the first time since his unexpected absence ended last season following his involvement in a fatal automobile-pedestrian accident.

Kyle Dalton  •  08 Jan 2023
Clint Bowyer’s Opening 2023 Salvo: 1 Team Should Be Concerned About Having the 2 Best Drivers

NASCAR analyst Clint Bowyer returned to Fox Sports by warning one of the top Cup Series teams there can be only one alpha.

John Moriello  •  02 Jan 2023
The Best Theory Yet Why Fox Sports Won’t Add a Permanent Boothmate for Clint Bowyer and Mike Joy

Fox Sports reportedly will continue going with rotating personalities in the NASCAR Cup Series broadcast booth.

John Moriello  •  23 Nov 2022
Clint Bowyer’s Absence From Fox’s Final NASCAR Cup Series Telecast Followed Fatal Accident

A Kansas City TV station reported that Fox Sports’ Clint Bowyer was the driver in an accident that killed a pedestrian on June 5.

John Moriello  •  01 Jul 2022
Clint Bowyer Surprisingly Absent From Fox’s Final Broadcast of 2022 NASCAR Cup Series Season

Clint Bowyer worked last Sunday’s race at WWT Raceway but surprisingly won’t be in the booth for Fox’s final Cup Series broadcast of 2022.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Kyle Larson Candidly Admits Surprise Clint Bowyer Didn’t Call Him Out for ‘Embarrassing’ Blunder at Texas

Kyle Larson made an “embarrassing” mistake at Texas Motor Speedway and admitted he was surprised Clint Bowyer didn’t criticize him for making it.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022
Jamie McMurray Brilliantly Shut Up Clint Bowyer and Received High Praise for Overall Performance From Notable NASCAR Names, Including 1 Top Driver

Jamie McMurray gave Clint Bowyer a dose of his own medicine with a brilliant comment that shut up the former SHR driver. He later received approval for his performance by several notable names, including high praise from one top driver recommending that he return in 2023.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Jul 2022