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Trevor Jones is an expert in iGaming with a passion for writing about US sports, particularly football and basketball. He is extremely knowledgeable about US gambling regulations and contributes to Sports Casting. He has also contributed to sites like The Grueling Truth and Strafe, among many others. He is an avid sports and betting enthusiast and a huge fan of the Golden State Warriors, though he follows all of the major sports leagues.

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Missouri Sports Betting in 2024 – Latest Legal Updates and Best MO Online Sportsbooks

Missouri sports betting hasn’t yet been regulated within the state, although bettors are allowed to use our recommended offshore sportsbooks, all of which are licensed in other jurisdictions. To help guide you through the do’s and don’ts of betting in the Show Me state, we’ll break down the offshore Missouri sportsbook and Missouri betting site […]

Trevor Jones  •  16 Jul 2024
Wisconsin Sports Betting in 2024 – Latest Legal Updates & Best WI Online Sportsbooks

Wisconsin sports betting sites have arrived in a big way for bettors looking to wager on their favorite sports throughout the Badger State. And, to help you discover more about WI sports betting sites, our sports experts have looked at all the latest legal updates, registration requirements, and the ins and outs of the local […]

Trevor Jones  •  16 Jul 2024
What Does Spread Mean in Betting? – Spread Betting Meaning Explained 2024

So, what does the spread mean in betting? Spreads can seem confusing and lead to a lot of different questions, but it is simply a way for the bookmakers to make the betting between two participants of an event more even, in the process making the odds for a favorite more attractive. Fully understanding spread […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Does Alt Points Mean? – Alternate Points in Betting Explained

If you’re wondering ‘what does alt points mean?’, you’ve come to the right place. In short, alternate (or alternative) points allow you to maximize potential payouts by wagering on odds that differ from the official sportsbook line. Here, we delve into the meaning of alt points, discuss the benefits of alternative bets, and answer common […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Is the Vig in Betting? – Sports Betting Vig Explained 2024

The vig is the house edge a betting site includes within its odds to ensure the book makes money regardless of the outcome of an event. Similar to a fee or commission, the vig is a vital part of sports betting and bettors need to understand it fully if looking to return a long-term profit. […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What is Each Way Betting? – E/W Bet Complete Guide 2024

What is each-way betting? Put simply, it is two bets combined into one, including both the win and place bet. When it comes to betting on sports, this unique type of bet offers some serious potential. No-one betting on sports should do so without understanding this concept. So, let’s explore each-way sports betting so you […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Is Double Result in Betting? – Double Result Bet Explained

What is double result in betting? Some people want something more interesting than their straightforward sports bet. Why not mix it up by betting on two outcomes in one game with one stake? Double result betting offers this extra excitement you might be looking for. Our trusted offshore sportsbooks make it easy to jump in, […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Does Plus and Minus Mean in Betting: + and – in Betting Explained

If you’re looking to find out ‘what does plus and minus mean in betting?’, then put simply, it means the symbols that appear in front of odds or lines, showing the favorites or underdogs – favorites being marked with a minus sign (-), underdogs with a plus (+). And, if you’re currently looking at a […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Does Half-Time/Full-Time Mean in Betting? – HT FT Bet Explained

So, what does half-time/full-time mean in betting? Well, it is simply a combination bet allowing you to predict both the result at half-time and the game’s conclusion. To win your bet, you need to be correct on both predictions. Although a half-time/full-time bet is especially common with soccer, it can apply to almost any sport […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024
What Does F5 Mean in Baseball Betting? – First Five Innings Betting Rules Explained

If you’ve wondered ‘what does F5 mean in baseball betting?’, then it simply means betting on the first five innings of a baseball game. It is also a very effective sports betting market when wagering on a Major League Baseball game, so let’s dive deeper into F5 baseball betting and look at how this type […]

Trevor Jones  •  11 Jul 2024