Hailie Deegan Angry and Threatens to Pay Back Her 2023 Nemesis

Hailie Deegan wasn’t happy with how another driver raced her at Kansas and vowed to get revenge. It never happened.

Kyle Dalton  •  11 Sep 2023
Hailie Deegan Admits She’s Recently Been Lacking Confidence and Questioning Her Future

Hailie Deegan candidly admits she’s lacked confidence recently, which includes questioning her own ability and her racing future.

Kyle Dalton  •  17 Aug 2023
Tony Stewart Shuts Down Hailie Deegan Haters After Her Impressive Runner-Up Finish in SRX at Eldora

Hailie Deegan finished second in the SRX race at Eldora on Thursday. Winner Tony Stewart praised her performance and shut down her critics in the process.

Kyle Dalton  •  11 Aug 2023
Hailie Deegan Calls Out Driver for Being a ‘F******” Weapon at Pocono

Hailie Deegan didn’t like a move that one Truck Series driver made against her on Saturday at Pocono and called him a “f******* weapon.”

Kyle Dalton  •  24 Jul 2023
Hailie Deegan Surprisingly Confesses She Apologized to Daniel Suarez During SRX Race to Avoid Being Known as ‘Dirty’ Driver

Hailie Deegan admitted during the SRX race that she apologized to Daniel Suarez for an incident because she didn’t want to be viewed as a “dirty” driver.

Kyle Dalton  •  21 Jul 2023
Hailie Deegan Hits New Career Low in 2023 at Mid-Ohio and Questions Grow Louder About Her Future in Truck Series   

Hailie Deegan hit a new low at Mid-Ohio over the weekend, extending the worst stretch of racing in her Truck Series career, and is now below five of six rookie drivers in the points standings.

Kyle Dalton  •  10 Jul 2023
NASCAR Mailbag: Which Winless Driver Will Break Through Before the Cup Series Playoffs?

There are 10 shots remaining for drivers to win their way into the Cup Series playoffs.

John Moriello  •  25 Jun 2023
Hailie Deegan’s North Wilkesboro Adventures: Mobbed Before the Race and Ripped After It

Hailie Deegan’s incidents on the track at North Wilkesboro were preceded by trouble before the race.

John Moriello  •  21 May 2023
Hailie Deegan Hasn’t Felt Welcomed in NASCAR and Repeatedly Calls Out Drivers for a Lack of Personality; Several Offer Their Opinions

Hailie Deegan talks about not feeling welcome in NASCAR and repeatedly takes shots at drivers for a lack of personality. Several Cup Series drivers respond with their own opinions.

Kyle Dalton  •  30 Mar 2023