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When putting together a list of college football teams, one typically goes with the strongest programs or those who’ve won the most national championships.

But we’re going to take things in a different direction here as we look at the 15 worst college football teams of all time. Well, at least the worst 15 currently in the top tier of college football — that, of course, being the NCAA Division I-Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS).

And just so we’re clear, this isn’t a subjective list, so don’t come yelling at us if you see your alma mater on here, as these rankings are based solely on all-time winning percentage.

As not to give away the entire list right here at the start, we’ll bookend things for you. That’s fair enough, don’t you think?

Kicking off the list at No. 15 are the Florida Atlantic Owls, who’ve won 44.5% of their games since football was introduced at the university in 2001. The Sunshine State houses the other bookend as well as Florida International brings up the rear with a dismal .341 winning percentage. FIU didn’t have a football program until the 2000s either, first fielding a team in 2002.

The 15 worst college football teams of all time

NCAA college football
NCAA college football | Michael Wade/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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As promised, here’s the full list of the 15 worst college football teams of all time based on winning percentage.

TeamWinsLossesTiesWin %
Florida Atlantic1181470.445
Eastern Michigan48461647.442
New Mexico49563231.441
Wake Forest48867733.421
UL Monroe3234548.417
New Mexico State44566630.403
Kent State36558428.388
Georgia State541000.351
Florida International841620.341
Stats are current through the end of the 2022 college football season