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I enjoy hot takes just as much as I enjoy watching sports. I'm a University of Cincinnati journalism grad as I covered their athletic program for four years and wrote many articles critical of Tommy Tuberville. I love college sports, the NFL, MLB, and the NBA, and yes I also enjoy watching trash reality TV with my wife.

Michael Sam was the first openly gay player to be drafted by an NFL team. However, he never played in an actual game and has since retired.

Michael Sam Seems to Be Completely Done With Football in 2020

Michael Sam was the first openly gay football player to ever be selected in the NFL draft. His career in the NFL, unfortunately, never panned out, though. He never played a single game in the NFL and ultimately retired from football in 2015. So, what is Michael Sam up to now?  Michael Sam was a …

Peyton Manning was the man for the Indianapolis Colts. He had so much say in the offense that he even benched a wide receiver once.

Peyton Manning Once Benched a Colts WR for Not Using Two Hands

Peyton Manning was the man in Indianapolis. His immense amount of success allowed him to call the shots on offense. This was clear whenever he went up to the line of scrimmage and started yelling out all of his audibles. However, Manning did not just change plays. He even benched players at times. Former Indianapolis …

Joe Burrow is the projected No. 1 overall pick in this year's draft. He could become the greatest Ohio State QB to ever play in the NFL.

Joe Burrow Can Become the Most Successful Former Ohio State QB of All-Time

Joe Burrow was a part of the Ohio State Buckeyes’ football program for three seasons. While he did not play that much, he could ultimately become the most successful Ohio State quarterback of all-time. This sounds crazy but despite the program’s immense success, the Buckeyes have not had their quarterbacks succeed in the NFL. Joe …