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Kyle Dalton began covering sports in 1992 after he graduated from the University of Texas school of journalism. He published his book Burned Orange: Tom Penders and 10 Years at the University of Texas in 2000, and joined Sportscasting in 2020. Kyle expertly covers the NFL, NASCAR, and NCAA football. Kyle finds inspiration in the unscripted drama of sports, the compelling journeys and life stories of the athletes who play the games, and he enjoys reading the work of Mitch Albom. He is a rabid consumer of all sports on all platforms: TV, Twitter, podcasts, live events, and more.

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Jimmie Johnson Briefly Addresses Family Tragedy When Revealing Why He Won’t Get Behind the Wheel Again in 2023

Jimmie Johnson revealed his family’s tragedy will prevent him from getting behind the wheel again in 2023, but he does plan to race again in 2024.

Kyle Dalton  •  07 Sep 2023
Brad Keselowski Mocks Chad Knaus for His Role as HMS ‘Babysitter’ Just Days After Questioning Kyle Larson at Darlington  

Brad Keselowski didn’t hesitate in calling Chad Knaus the HMS babysitter just days after questioning Kyle Larson during the Darlington race.

Kyle Dalton  •  07 Sep 2023
Stephen Mallozzi Continues Living NASCAR Dream, but With Major Partner Announcement, Now Possibly Looking to Extend It  

Stephen Mallozzi is an Outback Steakhouse server. In a little over a week, he’ll be an Outback Steakhouse driver in the NASCAR Truck Series race at Bristol.

Kyle Dalton  •  05 Sep 2023
Brad Keselowski Questions Kyle Larson About Comments During Light Delay Before No. 6 Team Warns Him About His Own Behavior

Brad Keselowski questioned Kyle Larson for his comments during the light delay at Darlington before his No. 6 team warned him about his own behavior.

Kyle Dalton  •  04 Sep 2023
Martin Truex Jr. Can’t Hide Feelings and Gets Sarcastic With Crew at Darlington

Martin Truex Jr. had a rough night at Darlington and was unable to hide his frustration, getting sarcastic with his crew over the team radio.

Kyle Dalton  •  04 Sep 2023
Clint Bowyer Brutally Honest About Denny Hamlin Winning a Title in 2023 and Fans of No. 11 Won’t Like It

Clint Bowyer didn’t sugarcoat what he thinks about Denny Hamlin finally breaking through and winning the championship in 2023.

Kyle Dalton  •  03 Sep 2023
Ryan Blaney Offers Very Different Tone About NASCAR’s Approach to Safety Than He Did a Year Ago

Ryan Blaney didn’t sugarcoat his thoughts about drivers wearing mouthpieces as part of a safety study in 2022. Today, his position has completely changed.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Sep 2023
Ryan Preece Wears Something in First Appearance Since Violent Daytona Crash and Fans Have Questions

Ryan Preece made his first appearance since his violent crash at Daytona and what he was wearing unsurprisingly raised questions from fans.

Kyle Dalton  •  01 Sep 2023
Dear NASCAR on NBC (and Fox in 2024): Please Do These 2 Things, and Fans and Advertisers Will Love You

Here are two things NBC could do for the rest of 2023 and Fox could continue in 2024 that would make their advertisers and NASCAR fans happy.

Kyle Dalton  •  30 Aug 2023
The Much-Maligned Next Gen Car Has Justifiably Been Criticized in the Past but Proved Itself at Daytona 

The Next Gen car has justifiably received a bad rap for safety concerns in the past but undeniably proved itself at Daytona in two violent crashes.

Kyle Dalton  •  30 Aug 2023