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Less than two weeks before the gargantuan NFC East matchup between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve, Micah Parsons stirred the pot by downplaying Jalen Hurts‘ case to win the MVP award. The Cowboys linebacker argued Hurts is only in the conversation because the team around him is so talented.

Well, Hurts won’t have the chance to prove Parsons wrong this week, as he’ll miss the game with a shoulder sprain he suffered in Week 15 against the Chicago Bears. Philly’s backup, Gardner Minshew, now has the perfect opportunity to prove Parsons right, but the talented linebacker better hope that doesn’t happen.

Micah Parsons believes Jalen Hurts is only succeeding because of the players around him

It’s hard to knock Hurts’ MVP case this deep into the season. The Eagles QB ranks second in the NFL in yards per attempt (8.2), fifth in completion percentage (67.3%), fourth in quarterback rating (104.6), and fourth in total touchdowns (35). He’s also thrown just five interceptions all year. Oh, and he’s led the Eagles to a 13-1 record and the top spot in the NFL standings.

Even if you don’t believe Hurts is the top candidate to win MVP, it’s impossible to argue he shouldn’t be a top-two or -three name in the conversations. Well, not impossible, I suppose.

In a recent interview with Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller on The Voncast podcast, Parsons argued Hurts is only in the running for the MVP award because of his stellar offensive line and the plethora of weapons he has to throw to.

“If we look at the Eagles, is it Hurts or the team? It’s system and team,” Parsons said. “I’m not trying to make no enemies. I just love the game so much, and I understand it so much that when things are off, I can’t hold it in. I almost gotta say something.”

Eagles-Cowboys was shaping up to be a Christmas Eve classic, but Hurts won’t be able to shut Parsons up due to his shoulder injury.

Gardner Minshew can prove Micah Parsons right on Christmas Eve

Gardner Minshew runs off the field against the Texans.
Gardner Minshew of the Philadelphia Eagles runs off of the field against the Houston Texans | Cooper Neill/Getty Images

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Being the student of the game that he is, Parsons would love to be proven right in regard to his Hurts MVP take. There’s only one problem.

If Parsons is correct that the Eagles are leading the NFL at 13-1 primarily because of their loaded roster, not Hurts’ play, Minshew is going to stroll into Jerry World on Christmas Eve and clinch the NFC East title with a decisive victory. Since the Eagles don’t need Hurts to be a dominant offensive machine, they should have no problem beating an inferior opponent without their starting QB. Right?

That puts Parsons in quite a predicament. If the Cowboys shut down Philadelphia’s offense with Minshew at the helm, the Pro Bowl LB will have to eat crow and admit Hurts deserves the MVP for what he’s done all season. Either way, Parsons won’t emerge from this situation as a winner.