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Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) announced the launch of Alert360 on Tuesday, a platform designed to allow players, coaches, trainers, and referees a convenient method to report harassment from gamblers. The platform was created in partnership with RealResponse to combat harassment in the sports betting industry.

Integrity Compliance 360 designed Alert360 to serve as a tip line for student-athletes, coaches, and trainers

The NCAA is among the organizations pushing to protect its athletes against harassment. This applies to both online and in-person harassment directed at players, coaches, and officials from sports bettors.

Alert360 is a tip line that allows organizations to customize their respective portal. A public university could use Alert360 to create messaging specific to its institution.

Furthermore, the tip line can also be rebranded by the institution, allowing the school to customize it to help differentiate that device from another school’s message system.

“The implementation of Alert360, powered by RealResponse, is another example of how we help our partners to stay one step ahead,” IC360’s CEO Matthew Holt said in a press release. “An anonymous tip can help limit and prevent acts or threats of physical and emotional harm or intimidation while thwarting attempts to undermine the integrity of sports competitions.”

Alert360 is easy-to-use with its versatile channel mix of QR codes, web forms, text messaging, and email. Of course, all communications are secure and private. Identities are fully protected throughout the reporting process and clarifying discussions.

In May 2023, IC360 launched “Athlete Alert Powered by RealResponse,” the only national tip line that allows the public to anonymously report gambling-related issues.

IC360 won “Best in Sports Betting” at last week’s Sports Business Awards

IC360, backed by SeventySix Capital, is always innovating and developing the latest technology to combat betting corruption and ensure sports betting integrity.

Sports integrity monitoring detects and discourages fraud, match-fixing, game manipulation, and other unethical or illegal betting-related activity.

According to the sports wagering monitoring company, “sports integrity monitoring detects and discourages fraud, match-fixing, game manipulation, and other unethical or illegal betting-related activity.”

In order to promote sports betting integrity, the company felt it was necessary to discourage gamblers from harassing players, coaches, trainers, and officials, who all impact the outcome of individual games.

Last week, IC360 also announced its triumphant win at the prestigious Sports Business Awards for “Best in Sports Betting.” This coveted award recognizes IC360’s exceptional contributions and advancements within the sports betting landscape.

“We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Sports Business Awards as the ‘Best in Sports Betting,'” said Matthew Holt, CEO of IC360.

“This award is a testament to the dedication and innovation of our entire team, who are constantly striving to provide our esteemed partners around the world with the best-in-class technology solutions and highest level of service.”

IC360 has consistently “revolutionized the sports betting industry” through its state-of-the-art integrity and compliance technology, revolutionary educational services, and resolute commitment to responsible gaming practices.