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Joey Logano has understandably been riding high since his surprise victory at the Bristol dirt race. Heading into that race Logano’s favorite phrase was “I don’t know” because, like many of the NASCAR Cup Series drivers, he had limited experience on dirt and had no clue what to expect on the unfamiliar surface.

Things went swimmingly well, and Logano won the first NASCAR dirt race in more than 50 years. This week, he returned to his recurring role as a guest on NASCAR Race Hub and talked about his victory and the upcoming race at Martinsville. Early in the show, host Kaitlyn Vincie informed the 2018 Cup Series champion they had a surprise for him, which Logano admitted made him nervous. Later in the program the crew delivered not one but two surprises and Logano was especially humbled by the second one. 

Joey Logano wins at Bristol and receives a sharp prize

Joey Logano is a regular guest on FS1’s NASCAR Race Hub. During his most recent appearance, the obvious focal point of the discussion was his win at Bristol on dirt. 

Logano reiterated what he had said in the weeks leading up to the race that he didn’t know what to expect from his performance on the dirt track because of his limited experience racing on the surface in the past. He acknowledged he developed a little bit of confidence after the practice session but it wasn’t to the point where he expected to come away with a victory. 

The conversation also touched on Logano’s award from the race, a large and very sharp sword. The show then featured Logano’s hilarious Twitter post showing him using the sword in a variety of ways around the house. 

Joey Logano receives first surprise 

Early in the show, host Kaitlyn Vincie informed Joey Logano they had a special surprise for him. The 2018 Cup Series champion admitted he wasn’t a big fan of surprises and was nervous.

Around the midway point of the show, Logano received what turned out to be the first of two surprises. It was a reveal of his upcoming paint scheme at the race at Darlington, which celebrates Shell and Logano’s ties to iconic racer Mario Andretti in the 50th anniversary of Andretti’s first Formula 1 win when he drove for both Ferrari and Shell back in 1971.

“How neat is that? A fellow Italian, Mario Andretti,” a smiling Logano said. “I got to take a picture of Mario Andretti and Richard Petty one time, and I thought that was the coolest thing. Huge race fan. My favorite Mario Andretti story is we won the Daytona 500 and I got a picture in the mail of when Mario won the Daytona 500 and he wrote on there, ‘Finally another Italian won the Daytona 500.’ That was the coolest thing. I had his picture on my wall when I was a kid when I was six years old. I’m getting to drive a paint scheme that is like his car. That’s very special. Very cool surprise.” 

Receives unexpected second surprise 

After a picture of Mario Andretti’s car from the 1971 race was shown, Joey Logano continued to talk about his love for Andretti. 

“What a well-rounded driver. This guy could drive anything. And he won in everything. And the guy still drives today…A true idol of mine,” Logano said, not realizing that he was about to receive his second surprise when Vincie introduced Andretti, who joined them via Zoom. 

“What’s up? This is great,” Logano said laughing with Vincie and fellow guest Andy Petree. 

“It’s awesome. It’s flattering above all,” Andretti said about Logano driving the throwback scheme. “Who would have known 50 years ago we were going to have a throwback paint scheme for the Darlington race, and no less with Joey Logano driving. It’s just amazing. Just so happy to see that. Joey knows how much of a fan I am of his.”

“I’m just surprised Mario Andretti knows my name,” Logano humbly responded. “Getting to drive your paint scheme is an honor, Mario, it really is.” 

Joey Logano surprised the NASCAR world winning on dirt at Bristol. He’s never won at Darlington before so that would be another surprise and a fitting end to a tribute to one of the greatest drivers in motorsports history.

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