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Prosecutors called for two and a half years’ imprisonment for Luis Rubiales on Wednesday in the case of the forced kiss to Jenni Hermoso last August.

The public prosecutor’s office on Wednesday demanded two and a half years’ imprisonment for Luis Rubiales, ex-president of the Spanish Football Federation, in the case of the forced kiss to player Jenni Hermoso, according to the indictment consulted by AFP.


The former president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) is being prosecuted for “sexual assault” and “the crime of coercion” after surprisingly kissing the Roja player on the mouth in August 2023, minutes after the team’s World Cup final triumph.

In Spain, the Public Prosecutor’s Office is making its demands known ahead of the trial (the date of which is not yet known). According to these, the prosecution is asking for one year’s imprisonment for the offence of sexual assault and one and a half years for the offence of coercion, as Rubiales is accused of having exerted direct and indirect pressure on Jenni Hermoso so that the player would claim that the kiss had been consensual.


The Public Prosecutor’s Office is asking for two years’ probation following the completion of her sentence, and for 50,000 euros in compensation to be paid to the player for the forced kiss. Rubiales has always maintained that she was the victim of a “disproportionate campaign” and has always denied any ” sexual connotation” to her gesture, insisting that she acted out of “emotion” and in “a moment of happiness”.

On October 30, FIFA announced his three-year suspension from all football-related activities, after initially suspending him for 90 days.

This post is originally from L’Équipe