Michael Jordan Introduced Tim Grover to Kobe Bryant as ‘the Biggest A**hole You Will Ever Meet’

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant had so much in common. Not only were they fierce competitors on the basketball court and champions, but they also had the same trainer in Tim Grover.

A sports enhancement specialist, Grover worked with Jordan on the Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards and helped him become the greatest basketball player of all time. In 2007, Jordan told Bryant he should think about working with Grover, who grew up in Chicago.

When Michael Jordan advised Kobe Bryant to give Tim Grover a call, the LA Lakers superstar asked the Bulls legend what Grover was like. MJ not only spoke highly of Grover, but he also warned Bryant about the legendary trainer.

Tim Grover helped Michael Jordan get stronger and beat the Pistons

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Michael Jordan couldn’t get past the Detroit Pistons at the beginning of his career. The Bulls lost to the Pistons in the playoffs for three consecutive seasons because they weren’t tough enough to battle Detroit.

In the summer of 1990, Tim Grover helped Jordan add a bunch of muscle so the shooting guard could take more hits against the Pistons. The workout regimen worked as the Bulls swept Detroit in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

Jordan played in all 82 games six times once he began training with Grover in 1989. The CEO of Attack Athletics built a program that strengthened the All-Star’s core so he wasn’t susceptible to groin pulls or ankle sprains anymore.

With the Bulls, Jordan won six titles, six Finals MVPs, and five regular-season MVPs. His body was always in tip-top shape thanks to Grover, and the two developed a solid relationship.

Since Kobe Bryant was having knee problems in the mid-2000s, Michael Jordan thought it would be helpful for the Black Mamba to work with Tim Grover. In typical MJ fashion, though, the basketball icon introduced Grover to Bryant in a rather unpleasant manner.

Michael Jordan told Kobe Bryant that Tim Grover was an a**hole

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When Kobe Bryant asked Michael Jordan what Tim Grover was like, the 10-time scoring champion said his former trainer “really knows his stuff.” But in a funny turn of events, Jordan also called Grover an a**hole.

“Michael said, ‘Kobe, I’m not using my guy anymore. Why don’t you give him a call?’ Kobe says, ‘Well, tell me about Grover.’ He (Jordan) goes, ‘Man, Grover really, really knows his stuff,’ ” Grover told GQ in 2019. “But he goes, ‘But he’s the biggest a**hole you will ever meet.’

“One of the nicest things Michael’s ever said to me. Because he didn’t call me ‘a’ a**hole, he called me ‘the’ a**hole. If you’re gonna strive for something, never strive to be ‘a.’ ‘A’ is a part of a group. ‘The,’ you stand out.”

Grover worked with Bryant from 2007 to 2012. During that span, Bryant won an MVP Award, two titles, and two Finals MVPs. Grover decreased the amount of work Bryant was doing and rebuilt his foundation to help Kobe’s knees get stronger.

He also lengthened Bryant’s muscles so he could stop on a dime quicker. According to Grover, Bryant had a major imbalance between the muscles that accelerated and the muscles that decelerated, causing the issues with his knees.

Tim Grover’s success with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant helped him land a gig with Dwyane Wade. Incredibly, Jordan, Bryant, and Wade — the three best shooting guards in NBA history — all worked with Grover.

MJ and Kobe will always be connected

Kobe Bryant grew up watching Michael Jordan and wanting to be like him. They were cut from the same cloth and had the same mentality and fire on the basketball court.

At Bryant’s public memorial at Staples Center in 2020, Jordan gave a moving and powerful speech. The Hall of Famer was in tears since he lost his “little brother.”

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant will forever be connected. They are the two best guards in NBA history and are both on the NBA Mount Rushmore.