Michael Jordan Had Someone Count How Many Steps He Took in Every Game for an Obsessive Craft

Michael Jordan didn’t become the greatest basketball player ever by accident. He worked on his craft day and night and was obsessed with being perfect.

Everyone knows how legendary Jordan’s work ethic is. He was always the first one in the gym and the last to leave despite being the biggest superstar in NBA history. Jordan’s competitive drive and eagerness to be great are what made him the killer he was on the basketball court.

Michael Jordan was blessed with insane basketball skills and athleticism. However, it wasn’t until he began training with sports enhancement specialist Tim Grover that MJ began separating himself from the pack.

Michael Jordan and Tim Grover met in 1989

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The story of how Michael Jordan and Tim Grover met is pretty fascinating. Grover, who played college basketball at UIC and earned a master’s degree in exercise science, wrote 14 letters to 14 different Chicago Bulls players. The only player he didn’t write a letter to was Jordan.

Grover didn’t get a response from any of the 14 players he reached out to. However, he did get a call from the Bulls’ athletic trainer, who said that Jordan wanted to work with him despite not receiving a letter. It’s incredible how that worked out.

Jordan started lifting weights seriously with Grover in the summer of 1990. The Bulls legend added a lot of muscle to handle the beating and fouls he was receiving from the Detroit Pistons.

With Grover’s help, Jordan became stronger and quicker. The Bulls won three straight titles in 1991, 1992, and 1993, with MJ winning all three Finals MVPs.

Michael Jordan and Tim Grover were destined to work together since they both are perfectionists. Grover is just as deranged as Jordan is, so much so that he needed to know how many steps MJ took in each game.

Tim Grover counted and wrote down how many steps Michael Jordan took in every game

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During an interview with GQ in 2020, Tim Grover said he would count and write down how many steps Michael Jordan took in each game he played. This allowed Grover to understand which body part and angle MJ used the most.

Grover’s training programs for Jordan were developed around that methodology. He created more power, strength, and focus for Jordan, but it was up to MJ to learn how to control his gifts and dominate the NBA.

Grover believes Jordan would have become the GOAT even without his help. However, he thinks he helped His Airness stay at the top “a little bit longer.”

Not only did Tim Grover help Michael Jordan physically, but he also helped him mentally.

Golf was very important to MJ

Phil Jackson once told Michael Jordan that he couldn’t travel with his golf clubs anymore. So, it became Tim Grover’s responsibility to bring MJ’s golf clubs on the road.

Golf was part of Jordan’s training regimen. Grover knew how relaxed golf made Jordan from a mental standpoint. It helped the Bulls icon get into a zone and experience some privacy.

Tim Grover tracked what Michael Jordan’s results were in basketball games after golf outings. Nothing got by Grover, which is why he and Jordan got along so well.