Angel Reese Called For Backup That Never Came While Trying To Restrain LSU Coach Kim Mulkey During Enraged Meltdown

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Angel Reese Kim Mulkey LSU
Angel Reese Kim Mulkey LSU
Somebody get her son!

Angel Reese had to restrain Kim Mulkey during a 40-point win on Sunday because she was absolutely furious with the officiating crew in Baton Rouge. The 61-year-old head basketball coach at LSU was ultimately ejected from the contest against Northwestern State.

It was a meltdown of epic proportions. Mulkey went bananas and received a double technical foul.

In a unique turn of events, the home fanbase proceeded to give her a standing ovation.

There was no remorse from the four-time NCAA champion during her postgame press conference. Mulkey was rather smug with her comments.

“He did the right thing, I’m not questioning that,” she said. “In fact, I think I helped him. I said, ‘I’m not leaving you, you better toss me,’ or something like that. It was like he had no choice. But I appreciate officials that know what you’re trying to do out there. I don’t appreciate bad calls but it’s part of coaching.”

Reese was ultimately tasked with deescalating the situation as best she could. However, it got so intense that the superstar forward called for backup that never came.

“It was precious,” Mulkey said. “She was pulling me back and she just finally said, ‘Kramer come help me.’ She was calling for my son from the stands. It’s moment like that you’ll reflect back on when you retire.”

The entire sequence of events was chaotic. But Reese said that she enjoyed trying to keep her coach at bay.

“It was fun,” Reese said. “I mean, me and coach Mulkey have similar personalities, and we really like to win no matter the score. And of course, she’s gonna fight for us, and we all fight for her. So, in that moment, it was fun, and we knew we had her back, and she had our back.”

For Reese to be restraining Mulkey after the bizarre saga that took place surrounding her mysterious absence earlier in the season means that any prior beef has been squashed. Look out for the Bayou Bengals, they’re taking names!