Colorado Buffaloes Players Allegedly Gambled At Team Facility Last Season

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Colorado Buffaloes Football Players Allegedly Gambled At Team Facility Last Season

A group of Colorado Buffaloes football players allegedly gambled at the team facility last season, according to a video posted on social media.

The footage shows multiple players shooting dice on the floor and playing pool at tables within the team facility. The gambling reportedly occurred at the UC Health Champions Center.

Colorado Buffaloes football players were filmed rolling dice and playing pool with money involved

Defensive back Cormani McClain, who recently transferred to the University of Florida, was filmed rolling the dice on the floor with money nearby.

At least 10 other football players were involved. Based on the video showing players in their grey practice jerseys, it appears the footage was taken before the start of the 2023 season.

According to the NCAA regulations on gambling, the Colorado football players did not violate any known rules, as the established provisions relate solely to sports betting.

Wagering on pool, dice, and card games is permitted since the NCAA does not conduct a championship for any of these games. Simply put, an investigation might not be necessary for such a case involving table games.

“NCAA rules ban participation in sports betting activities and prohibit providing information to individuals involved in or associated with any type of sports betting activities concerning intercollegiate, amateur or professional athletics competition,” the rule reads on the organization’s website.

“In other words, if you are a student-athlete, coach or athletics staff member, regardless of sport or division, you are not allowed to bet or provide any useful information that can influence a bet in any sport the NCAA sponsors at any level.”

Furthermore, college athletes aren’t allowed to legally place bets on NFL games or even pro golf. Participation in a March Madness bracket pool with stakes is also banned.

Wagering on any amateur or professional sporting event is prohibited

The NCAA’s rules pertain only to “sporting events.” The regulations are targeted at players who wager any bets related to sports betting via DraftKings, FanDuel, BetMGM, Ceasars Sportsbook, ESPN BET, BetOnline, etc.

“If you put something at risk (such as cash, entry fee, dinner or other tangible item) on any amateur and/or professional sporting event with a chance to win something in return, you violate NCAA sports wagering rules,” the NCAA website reads.

Betting by student-athletes on any sport offered by the NCAA is prohibited, and any player(s) caught will result in a loss of a season of eligibility.

For example, bets totaling $201-$500 could result in a loss of 10% of a season of eligibility. Wagers totaling more than $800 could result in a loss of 30% of a season of eligibility.

An April 2023 NCAA survey of more than 3,500 athletes aged between 18-22 revealed that sports betting is pervasive among young adults across the country. Approximately 58% admitted to having engaged in at least one sports betting activity.

In the April survey, 6% said they have lost more than $500 on sports betting in a single day.

In a September 2023 NCAA survey of campus compliance directors and their experience with sports betting issues, 27% of autonomy schools had dealt with a sports betting problem among their athletes or staff within the past year.