Josh Allen Displays Incredible Character During Cool Moment With Old Teammate’s Family In Mic’d Up Video

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Josh Allen Stephen Hauschka
Josh Allen Stephen Hauschka

Josh Allen was drafted into the NFL in 2018. Former NFL placekicker Stephen Hauschka retired in 2020.

Hauschka and Allen spent two seasons together in Buffalo. They overlapped during the first-round quarterback’s rookie year and 2019. The former spent one additional year in Jacksonville before hanging it up.

The latter showed his incredible character on Saturday. NFL Films provided a mic’d up video from pregame in which Allen went out of his way to say hello to his former teammate. That was not all!

Hauschka was on the sideline during warmups prior to the Bills’ win over the Chargers in Los Angeles. His entire family was with him, including his wife and two children.

Allen saw the Hauschka family on the sideline from a distance and lit up. He was thrilled to see them.

The starting quarterback ran over to the retired kicker to say hello. Allen remembered each of their first names after more than three years and addressed every single member of the Hauschka family individually.

It was a really cool moment that was caught on film!

Regardless of your opinion on Allen the player, it is impossible to dislike Allen the person. He continues to prove that he is just an all-around good dude.

There are a lot of people out there who cannot remember what they had for breakfast. Josh Allen not only spotted his former teammate in a sea of people, he remembered each of his children’s names — who were no more than a few years old when their father played in Buffalo.

That’s cool.

And shoutout to NFL Films! They are always able to capture the most special moments and interactions that would never be seen otherwise. Allen didn’t know his reunion with Hauschka was going to go viral which is even cooler!