Marty Schottenheimer coaching for Chiefs

The Closest Marty Schottenheimer Ever Came to Super Bowl

Marty Schottenheimer has a rather dubious honor of being considered one of the most unlucky coaches in history. Whether this reputation has to do with his failures as a coach or a stroke of bad luck, unfortunately, it has become the most memorable aspect of his long coaching career. While Schottenheimer had several good teams under his …

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions Cursed by Tragedy

The Detroit Lions have been a woeful team on the field for years. That doesn’t even compare to the tragedy the organization has endured for decades that makes it appear the organization is cursed.


Whatever Happened to Super Bowl MVP Quarterback Mark Rypien?

Mark Rypien was the other sixth-round quarterback who went on to become a Super Bowl MVP. Like Tom Brady, Rypien didn’t come into the NFL with a lot of hype after being selected by the Washington Redskins with the 146th overall selection. Also like Brady, Rypien guided his team to a Super Bowl championship and …