Major League Baseball Pitcher Uses Hilariously Honest Excuse To Get Out Of Jury Duty During Spring Training

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Josh Winckowski Red Sox Jury Duty MLB

MLB pitcher Josh Winckowski is way too busy to serve on a jury. The Boston Red Sox righty is in the middle of spring training and used a hilariously honest excuse to get out of jury duty.

He has to work.

Winckowski, 25, was selected in the 15th round of the 2016 MLB Draft and spent four seasons in the MiLB system with the Blue Jays before being traded to the Mets and later the Red Sox. This will be his third season with the Boston organization. While it is unlikely that he will begin the year on the Major League level, he started 14 games last season and will be one of the team’s first calls if they need an additional arm to fill out the rotation.

Thus, a strong showing at Spring Training is imperative. Winckowski has to solidify himself as a legitimate back-end reserve option for the club and Thursday was his next opportunity to do so.

A strong outing in the Grapefruit League is crucial, which ultimately led to his dismissal from a potential legal hearing.

MLB pitcher Josh Winckowski was sent home!

According to Tom Caron of NESN, Winckowski had jury duty on Tuesday. As the room started to empty and candidates started to thin, Boston’s pitcher remained. It seemed as though he was going to get picked.

Fortunately, the court asked Winckowski if there was any reason that he could not serve on the jury and gave him an out. His answer was simple: “I have to pitch in Clearwater on Thursday.”

He was not selected to be a part of the jury. The Red Sox needing him to throw got him out of it. His blunt honestly and unique profession allowed him to avoid jury duty during Spring Training.

That would have been brutal! Josh Winckowski would have missed out on any and all opportunities to show the team what he can do. Crisis adverted!