Noah Song is a pitching prospect for the Boston Red Sox. The former Navy baseball standout is now taking a year off from baseball to attend flight school.

The Red Sox Just Lost Chris Sale’s Possible Replacement to Flight School

Noah Song hoped to rise through the Boston Red Sox farm system and eventually pitch at Fenway Park in the near future. Those dreams will have to wait. Song, a top pitching prospect who could eventually replace Chris Sale in Boston‘s rotation, is taking the next year off from baseball. Thankfully, Song didn’t suffer an …

LeBron James has had an up and down relationship with Cleveland fans. He once made them really mad by just wearing a hat they didn't like.

LeBron James Once Made Cleveland Fans Hate Him by Just Wearing a Hat

Cleveland sports fans owe a lot to LeBron James. In addition to giving them plenty of great memories during his two stints on the Cleveland Cavaliers, James gave the city its first professional sports championship in 52 years in 2016. However, fans were not too happy with him when he left the Cavaliers for the …