Marlon Humphrey Uses Current NFL Coaching Cycle To Taunt Bill Belichick’s Over His Success With Tom Brady Vs. Without

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Marlon Humphrey Bill Belichick
Marlon Humphrey Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick will not be a head coach in the National Football League for the first time since 2000 during the upcoming season. Marlon Humphrey is using the lack of new job as an indictment on his legacy.

The Ravens cornerback related Belichick’s unemployment back to his stance on the never-ending debate about the former Patriots head coach and his legendary quarterback, Tom Brady. He believes that this head coach hiring cycle is further proof that it was the latter who carried the former!

Humphrey first issued his thoughts on the topic during an episode of his Punchline Podcast with co-host Jack Settleman at the end of September. New England was 0-2 at the time, which marked the organization’s first 0-2 record to begin the NFL season since 2001.

Is Belichick elite, or Tom Brady elite? It’s looking more like Brady.

I don’t know if Belichick was ever daggum dirty.

— Marlon Humphrey in September

Although Humphrey continued on to acknowledge that “you can’t say it was one or the other,” he alluded to the idea that Belichick is “washed” without Brady. His opinion, while polarizing, was not on an island.

There were/are plenty of people who believe that Belichick would not be in the conversation for “greatest coach of all-time” if Brady was not his quarterback. They, and Humphrey, point to what has transpired over the last few weeks as further evidence for their opinions.

Bill Belichick and the Patriots parted ways. Seven teams had openings at head coach. They all went in different directions despite reports of multiple interviews for the six-time Super Bowl champion.

  • Raiders — Antonio Pierce
  • Commanders — Dan Quinn
  • Seahawks — Mike Macdonald
  • Falcons — Raheem Morris
  • Panthers — Dave Canales
  • Chargers — Jim Harbaugh
  • Titans — Brian Callahan

Humphrey says that is more than enough proof to declare that Belichick would not be Belichick without Brady. Brady was the catalyst to all of the success.

The 27-year-old defensive back has clearly been waiting for this moment. Humprey’s take back at the start of September drew a lot of criticism and outrage. He’s the one laughing now!