NFL: Carolina Panthers Quarterback Kyle Allen Tells Us How He Really Feels About Cam Newton

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Kyle Allen is the starter for the Carolina Panthers after Cam Newton was shut down for the year.

In sports, there is always strong competition for certain roles. In soccer and hockey, for example, there can only be one starting goalie. And, on every NFL team, there has to be one starting quarterback and one back-up. While there could have been a quarterback controversy in Carolina, things have sorted themselves out; Kyle Allen is now the unquestioned starter, as Cam Newton is done for the season due to a foot injury.

After news broke that Newton wouldn’t return this season, Allen quickly took to social media to let everyone know how he really feels about his teammate.

Kyle Allen’s career

Kyle Allen began his football career at Texas A&M. While he started his freshman year as the back-up quarterback, he claimed the starting role after the Aggies struggled out of the gate. He began the next season at the top of the depth chart but ended up sharing time with Kyler Murray.

Allen then transferred to the University of Houston; after sitting out the required season, he assumed the Cougar’s starting quarterback role. He would be benched again, this time for Kyle Postma, and declared for the NFL draft at the end of the season.

Allen signed with the Panthers as an undrafted free agent but didn’t make the team. He spent some time on the New York Jets’ practice squad; after he was waived, he resigned with Carolina and was placed on the active roster following Cam Newton’s injury. Allen was forced into action following Taylor Heinicke’s injury; he would make one start before being injured himself.

Allen entered the 2019 season as the Panthers’ back-up and was called into action when Newton suffered another injury. He’s led the team to a 5-1 record as a starter and, following Tuesday’s news, he’ll have the reigns for the rest of the season.

Allen’s message to Cam Newton

On a personal level, it would have been easy for Kyle Allen to feel some relief when the Panthers shut Cam Newton down. While no one wants to see their coworker suffer, the NFL is a dog-eat-dog world, and Allen is currently at the top of the Carolina food chain. The young quarterback, however, took the opposite post.

Allen shared a picture of he and Newton hugging on Instagram. His caption read, “I watched this man do everything in his power to come back from his injury,” Allen wrote. “I watched him lead and be a great teammate day in day out. ⁣Thank you for setting the example. We got you.”

Can the Panthers win it for Newton?

While a public show of unity is all well and good, the Panthers will have to walk the walk on the field.

Even without Cam Newton, the Panthers have kept themselves in the playoff hunt. Allen has played solidly under center, and running back Christian McCaffrey has placed most of the offense on his back. Despite that, they’re still sitting outside of the postseason picture.

Carolina’s schedule has a tough home stretch, starting with a tough trip to Green Bay this weekend, but their true test will come against the Saints in Week 12. New Orleans is currently leading the NFC South, and a win in the Superdome would be a real statement of intent. Carolina will also have to play the Seahawks, Colts, and Saints one more time before the end of the season.

Kyle Allen said all the right things on Instagram yesterday. Now it’s time for him to lead his team to victory on the field. It’s one thing to be the back-up filling in for Cam Netwon; it’s another thing to be an NFL starter trying to lead your team to the playoffs.