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Regulators in Michigan are working together to protect collegiate athletes from sports betting

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This week, various experts in the industry met to discuss collegiate sports betting integrity at the Michigan Control Game Board (MCGB). Top experts in gaming ad regulation attended including the NCAA, BetMGM, Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360), and the FBI. They all met at the Cadillac Palace in Detroit, Michigan. In the state, there are over 100 colleges and universities with 1,000’s of athletes.

Michigan has 13 operators in the state with an online sportsbook. The Michigan Control Game Board wants integrity to be the main focus when it comes to collegiate bets. Executive Director Henry Williams had this to say.

The Michigan Gaming Control Board is dedicated to fostering a transparent and compliant gaming environment, particularly in the realm of college sports betting,” said Henry Williams. “By hosting this panel discussion and engaging with NCAA Division I collegiate officials involved with overseeing compliance, talking about ways in which we might be able to work together to prevent student-athletes from illegal gambling, we aim to uphold the highest standards of integrity and responsibility.”

The MCGB wants to ensure the protection of student-athletes

In recent months, the discussion of collegiate sports betting integrity has been at the forefront for NCAA President Charlie Baker. He’s been an advocate for a national outlaw of collegiate prop betting. Additionally, he wants restrictions on other college bets that are offered by sportsbooks. Michigan currently has zero restrictions on college sports betting. Regulators at the MCGB panel this week discussed a national framework in K-12 schools to be set in place to educate students on sports betting. Much like how drugs and alcohol are thought of as harmful when you’re in grade school.

Integrity Compliance 360 has partnered with the Atlantic Coast Conference

The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) has partnered with Integrity Compliance 360 (IC360) to protect collegiate sports betting in the US. Each member of the ACC will have access to the company’s integrity monitoring technology and data insights. Additionally, schools in the ACC will have the choice to opt in to receive the integrity firm’s educational services and access its ProhiBet platform. This is designed to prevent student-athletes, coaches, and staff from participating in prohibited betting activities. The NCAA and their conferences are doing what they can to tackle the issue of collegiate sports betting integrity in the US.