These NBA Players Have Been on 10+ Teams

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NBA player Ish Smith

Not all NBA players get to finish their careers with one team like Kobe Bryant or Dirk Nowitzki. Sometimes it takes a lot of determination and a little bad luck for a player to bounce from team-to-team. 

There have been several players who have had the distinction of wearing more than 10 NBA jerseys, and today we will highlight the true NBA journeyman.

Aaron Williams (1994-2008)- 10 teams

Aaron Williams averaged six points and four rebounds per game during his 15 year NBA career. He played the most seasons of his career in New Jersey, where he averaged a career-high seven points per game for the Nets.

Ish Smith (2011-19)- 10 teams

For most of his career, Ish Smith simply couldn’t find playing time on the court. He averaged less than 10 minutes per game during his first three seasons in the league, which saw him play for a remarkable six NBA franchises. He has found success with the Detroit Pistons and could be a key piece to them making the playoffs next season.

Damon Jones (1999-2009)- 10 teams

Damon Jones is best known for his time in Cleveland, but the feisty guard also saw stops in Miami and Milwaukee (along with others). He averaged six points per game for his career and shot 39% from 3-point range.

Drew Gooden (2003-16)- 10 teams

Drew Gooden was a very productive power forward coming out of the University of Kansas. He put up over 12 points and six rebounds per game while earning All-Rookie honors.

Gooden was a very consistent scorer during his prime as an NBA player. He averaged over 10 points per game the first nine seasons of his career. He retired in 2016 after playing 30 games with the Wizards.

Mark Bryant (1989-2003)- 10 teams

Mark Bryant played 14 seasons in the NBA while averaging five points and four rebounds per game. The most notable stop was in Chicago in 1998-99 where he averaged nine points and five rebounds per contest.

Earl Boykins (1999-2012)- 10 teams

Earl Boykins stature was always his detriment when trying to get signed to teams. Standing at just 5’5 and 135 lbs, it was hard for him to make much of an impact on the NBA game.

He was able to carve out a nice role in the league as a backup point guard and averaged nine points and three assists per game for his career. Not a bad career for any NBA player, especially one of Boykins’ size.

Lou Amundson (2007-16)- 10 teams

A lanky forward coming into the draft, Amundson bounced through 10 different franchises during his nine-year NBA career. He finished with 3 points and 3 rebounds as his career averages.

Kevin Ollie (1998-2010)- 11 teams

Before he was helping UConn win a national championship, Kevin Ollie was a journeyman NBA player. He played for 11 teams and put up four points and two assists per game during his career.

Mike James (2002-14)- 11 teams

Mike James averaged almost 10 points per game during his time in the NBA, with a resurgence in the 2005-06 season where he put up 20 points per game. He won a championship with the Detroit Pistons in 2004.

Joe Smith (1996-2011)- 12 teams

Joe Smith is most known for the reason the Timberwolves dynasty didn’t happen, but he put up solid numbers during his NBA career. In 15 seasons, he averaged 10 points and six rebounds per game.

Tony Massenburg (1991-2005)- 12 teams

Tony Massenburg’s career didn’t really take off until he was 27, after spending two years in Spain. He put up six points and four rebounds for his career, with a career-high of 11 PPG in 1999.

Jim Jackson (1993-2006)- 12 teams

Mostly known for his time in Dallas with Derek Harper, Jim Jackson was a serviceable NBA player. He put up a career-best 26 points per game in his third season while averaging 14 per game for his career.

Chucky Brown (1990-2002)- 12 teams

At times during his career, Chucky Brown was viewed as a versatile wing. He put up six points and three rebounds per game for his career, with notable stops in Houston and Charlotte.