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Robert Griffin III
Wood + Beavers = Phone Call

Robert Griffin III is the riskiest broadcaster in sports and his on-air shenanigans led him to get in trouble with ESPN earlier this year. The 33-year-old former NFL quarterback-turned-color commentator strayed a little bit too far with his double entendres.

Griffin is a total wild card in the booth. He keeps it in between the lines most of the time.

Whether he is singing the Lion King…

Cracking an orgy joke about a quarterback with homophone last name…

Jumping in the water in a full suit…

Or referencing Jesus on the cross…

RGIII is always up to something. And those are just a few of many, many examples.

He recently spoke about his ability to toe the line, which he does better than most.


It’s safe to say @Robert Griffin III “toes the line” when it comes to what he says on television. I asked him how he’s about to do that… “Because I don’t need the job it gives me a little bit more freedom to take a slap in the wrist.” @Next Up With Adam Breneman #cfb #sportsanalyst

♬ original sound – Adam Breneman

However, Griffin upset his employer as Oregon State hosted Stanford in Corvallis on November 11 with a joke about intercourse. Kind of.

He said “let’s see how much wood these Beavers can take.” Pause.

That was not his only quip of the evening and, apparently, they all added up to a sum that the “Worldwide Leader” did not lot. Griffin told Kay Adams about the call he received from the higher-ups shortly after the clock hit zero.

Griffin said that while he was not at risk of losing his job, the call caused him to be a bit more careful with his puns moving forward. All of his jokes are spontaneous, or so he says, and he never really knows what is going to come out of his mouth next.

However, after talking with ESPN post-Beavers game, Griffin takes an extra second to pause and think about his words before he says them. Hopefully it does not lead him to dial things back in 2024, because — love him or hate him — a college football broadcast with RGIII on the call is guaranteed to be more entertaining.