Dwight Howard Builds His Super Team and Goes Heavy on the LA Lakers

Dwight Howard has played with some incredible names during his NBA career. Check out who he picked for his dream staring five.

Joe Kozlowski  •  10 Jul 2022
Dwight Howard Reveals That LeBron James Is ‘Always Watching the Stat Sheet,’ But Says It’s Not to Pad His Numbers

LeBron James apparently checks out the box score during Lakers games, but he’s not doing it to pad his own stats.

Joe Kozlowski  •  06 Jul 2022
Kobe Bryant Knew the Los Angeles Lakers’ Dwight Howard Experiment Was Headed Toward Disaster After a Single Phone Call

Many people thought Dwight Howard would flourish with the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant was not one of them.

Tim van Straten  •  21 Jan 2022
Dwight Howard Is Showing a Healthy Attitude, but the Lakers Need It to Be Contagious to Escape Trouble

Dwight Howard is coming back to the Los Angeles Lakers for a third stint and bringing with him an attitude that Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony will also need to embrace.

John Moriello  •  20 Aug 2021
Dwight Howard Set an Odd NBA Record by Joining the Lakers for a Third Time

Dwight Howard has set an obscure NBA record by joining the LA Lakers for a third time.

Luke Norris  •  03 Aug 2021
Dwight Howard Reached Two Big NBA Milestones This Week and Will Soon Hit Another

Philadelphia 76ers center Dwight Howard reached two big NBA milestones over his last two games and will hit another in the near future.

Luke Norris  •  13 Jan 2021
Dwight Howard Stiffed 2 Women Who Cared for His Massive Snake, Lawsuit Alleges

New Philadelphia 76ers center and forward Dwight Howard has been sued for back wages by two women whose responsibilities included caring for his numerous snakes — including a 200-pound constrictor.

John Moriello  •  14 Dec 2020
And Just Like That, Lakers Fans Hate Dwight Howard Again

Within about an hour, Dwight Howard tweeted that he was returning to the Lakers and then signed with the 76ers and Twitter is letting him have it.

Luke Norris  •  20 Nov 2020
Shaq Reignites His Longtime Feud With Dwight Howard By Calling Him a ‘Frontrunner’ and a ‘Bandwagon Jumper’

Shaquille O’Neal doesn’t like Dwight Howard and other Lakers’ role players overly celebrating LA’s 17th NBA championship victory.

Luke Norris  •  23 Oct 2020