Basketball player Larry Nance Jr. competes in the NBA Slam Dunk contest while wearing his dad's No. 22 jersey.

How Much Money does the Winner of the NBA Dunk Contest Make?

While the NBA’s Slam Dunk Contest has lost some of its luster over the years, it still is a major draw every year during the NBA’s All-Star Weekend. Several of the biggest superstars of the last five decades made their name or expanded on their legacies through the event. Others have made their names strictly …

Lakers center Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard’s Surprising Request That Won The Lakers Over

Over the last few seasons, former All-Star big man Dwight Howard garnered a strong stigma around the league that saw him bounce from team to team. However, Howard appears to have finally found a sticking point back with the Los Angeles Lakers that has got his NBA career back on track. It’s a situation that …