Chargers Sign WR Praise Olatoke, A Former Sprinter At Ohio State

The Los Angeles Chargers have signed wide receiver Praise Olatoke, who was born in Nigeria and raised in Scotland. Olatoke played club football and ran track at Ohio State, earning first-team All-Big Ten honors. Los Angeles Chargers wide receiver Praise Olatoke is a member of the NFL’s International Pathway Program Furthermore, Olatoke joins defensive lineman […]

James Foglio  •  14 Jun 2024
Jim Harbaugh Ultimately Chose Los Angeles Chargers Over Return To Michigan For Three Main Reasons

Jim Harbaugh will take over as head coach of the Los Angeles Chargers in 2024 after serving nine years in the same role at the University of Michigan. Although the move felt inevitable, especially coming off of a national championship, the Wolverines did everything they could to keep him in Ann Arbor. Athletic director Warde […]

Grayson Weir  •  25 Jan 2024
NFL Week 1 Rewind: Chargers, Bears, and Bills Emerge as Biggest Disappointments

Justin Herbert couldn’t get it done when it counted against the Miami Dolphins on Sunday.

Mike Thomas  •  12 Sep 2023
5 Best, Funniest, Most Creative NFL Schedule Release Videos on Social Media

The best 2023 NFL schedule release videos were creative, funny, and star-studded. Here are the top five from this year’s crop on social media.

Tim Crean  •  12 May 2023
Chargers Need to Cut or Trade the Khalil Mack Contract

It is time for the Chargers to get out from under the Khalil Mack contract as the franchise prepares to pay Justin Herbert.

Tim Crean  •  26 Feb 2023
The Chargers’ Dire Salary Cap Situation Could Open the Door For the Patriots to Finally Fix Their Flawed Offense

Could the Patriots take advantage of the Chargers’ salary cap issues?

Stephen Sheehan  •  09 Feb 2023
Keenan Allen Contract: Chargers Can’t Bring WR Back on Current Deal

The Chargers can’t afford to keep the Keenan Allen contract, and if they keep him or not, the Chargers’ NFL draft plan has to include a WR.

Tim Crean  •  18 Jan 2023
Sean Payton Chargers: Justin Herbert Makes LA the Ideal Job for Coach

If Brandon Staley gets fired in LA, a Sean Payton-Chargers marriage would be the best thing for the coach and Justin Herbert.

Tim Crean  •  15 Jan 2023
Dan Fouts Was Told to Be a Quarterback and Then Became One of the NFL’s Toughest and Most Exciting Of All Time

Former San Diego Chargers quarterback Dan Fouts could sling it, but he also proved he could take a hit.

Mike Thomas  •  04 Jan 2023