This NFL Team Made it to 4 Straight Super Bowls and Lost Every Time

The Buffalo Bills were one of the best teams in the NFL during the early 1990s. The Bills are the last NFL team to play in four straight Super Bowls. Buffalo dominated the AFC in the 90s.

Even though the team had a lot of success, Buffalo failed to win a Super Bowl during those four years. Here’s a look at each one of those teams that made it to the Super Bowl and lost.

1990-91 Buffalo Bills

The Bills finished with a 13-3 record at the end of the 1990-91 season. The team finished with an 8-0 record at home that year. What made the team so successful was the offense. During the season, they scored 428 points, which was first in the league.

The Bills defense was also one of the best in the league. The team gave up 263 points with was sixth in the league. The Bills had one of the best defensive players in the league in Bruce Smith. Smith was named the Associated Press Defensive Player of the Year for the season. During that season, the Bills went on an eight-game winning streak and won four of their final five games. Going into the playoffs, the Bills defeated the Miami Dolphins and the Los Angeles Raiders en route to Super Bowl XXV. The Bills took on the New York Giants and would lose a close game falling 20-19.

1991-92 Buffalo Bills

The next season the Bills were determined to make it back to the Super Bowl. The Bills continued its dominance as one of the best teams in the league. Buffalo finished the regular season with a 13-3 record.

The Bills led the league in total yards with 6,525 yards and in scoring with 458 points. Two of the best receivers in the league were on the team in Andre Reed and James Lofton. Reed led the team in receptions with 81 and had 1,113 receiving yards with 10 touchdowns. Lofton had 57 receptions for 1,072 yards and eight touchdowns and earned his eighth Pro Bowl appearance. The Bills had weapons on offense and defense and made its way back to the Super Bowl to take on the Washington Redskins. Buffalo lost 37-24, making it the second straight Super Bowl loss.

1992-93 Buffalo Bills

For the third straight season, the Bills were one of the top teams in the NFL. Buffalo finished with an 11-5 record and second in the AFC East. The Bills faced adversity in the AFC Wild Card game. Buffalo took on the Houston Oilers and fell into a deficit trailing 35-3. But the Bills would make a comeback and win 41-38 in overtime.

Buffalo went on to defeat the Pittsburg Steelers and the Dolphins to advance to its third straight Super Bowl. In hopes of winning a Super Bowl, the Bills took on the Dallas Cowboys and were outmatched the whole game. The Cowboys defeated the Bills 52-17, and that made Buffalo 0-3 in the last three Super Bowls.

1993-94 Buffalo Bills

For a fourth straight season, the Bills continued to be a top team in the league. Buffalo finished the season 12-4 and first in the AFC East. Defensive back Bruce Smith would win the AFC Defensive Player of the Year award for the second time in four years.

Going into the playoffs, the Bills had no problem advancing to another Super Bowl. It was a rematch of the previous seasons’ title game between the Cowboys. The Bills looked to avenge what happened in the previous Super Bowl, but the Cowboys would go on and defeat the Bills 30-13 to win its second Super Bowl. In those four years, the Bills had a lot of success, but that success did not happen in the Super Bowl. The team went 0-4, and the 1993-94 season was the last time Buffalo played in a Super Bowl game.