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Key Highlights:

  • Nikki Glaser was clear winner at Tom Brady Roast, gaining nearly 5x more followers than any other participant
  • Glaser increased her Instagram following by 142,870 followers in 3 days
  • Kevin Hart (-27,976) and Kim Kardashian (-40,656) were the only people to lose followers after the Netflix special
Note: Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Will Ferrell, and Ben Affleck do not have official Instagram accounts

Using data from Instagram, has analyzed the biggest winners and losers of the Tom Brady Roast.

Comedian Nikki Glaser was the biggest winner, growing her Instagram following by a whopping 13.14% since the Netflix special. Glaser has gained 142,870 followers since Sunday night, nearly four times more than any other participant.

Meanwhile, Kevin Hart and Kim Kardashian were the biggest losers following their performance. Hart and Kardashian were the only two participants to lose Instagram followers following the roast.

Here are the results and key insights from the analysis.

Comedian Pre-Roast May 9, 2024 Difference
Nikki Glaser 1,087,472 1,230,342 142,870
Tony Hinchcliffe 522,745 551,855 29,110
Tom Brady 14,887,074 14,914,973 27,899
Andrew Schulz 4,377,504 4,404,370 26,866
Julian Edelman 3,198,794 3,208,922 10,128
Rob Gronkowski 4,973,266 4,981,610 8,344
Sam Jay 134,121 140,625 6,504
Jeff Ross 519,223 523,656 4,433
Drew Bledsoe 69,434 73,606 4,172
Tom Segura 2,667,586 2,670,819 3,233
Bert Kreischer 3,378,942 3,381,469 2,527
Randy Moss 628,004 629,700 1,696
Peyton Manning 743,547 744,567 1,020
Kevin Hart 179,893,420 179,865,444 -27,976
Kim Kardashian 363,580,337 363,539,681 -40,656

Nikki Glaser Won The Tom Brady Roast & Gained Over 142,000 IG Followers

Glaser was the clear winner at the Tom Brady Roast, using her performance to elevate her status as one of the top comedians in the industry.

As a result, Glaser’s following recently topped 1.23 million on Instagram. She has added 142,870 followers since the Netflix special, nearly four times more than any other participant, including Tom Brady. That’s a huge 13.14% jump, more than twice as high as the next-best performer.

Here are the participants who gained the most Instagram followers after the roast.

  1. Nikki Glaser: 142,870 followers
  2. Tony Hinchcliffe: 29,110 followers
  3. Tom Brady: 27,899 followers
  4. Andrew Schulz: 26,866 followers
  5. Julian Edelman: 10,128 followers


Kevin Hart & Kim Kardashian Were The Only People To Lose Followers

Kevin Hart, who hosted the Greatest Roast Of All-Time, was one of only two participants to lose Instagram followers after the event. Hart has lost 27,976 followers since the Netflix special.

Meanwhile, social media influencer Kim Kardashian appears to have met the most backlash.

Kardashian was infamously booed upon taking the stage and her performance left plenty to be desired, according to the results. Kardashian has lost 40,656 Instagram followers since the roast, though that represents just a -0.02% decline to her following, which still sits at over 363 million.

Still, it has been a rough month for Kardashian, who has consistently been losing followers since the release of Taylor Swift’s song Thank You Aimee.

Kardashian has lost 407,073 followers since Apr 19, when the song was released. That’s approximately -19,385 followers per day.

As a matter of fact, April was one of her worst months on record. The Skims founder lost 560,880 Instagram followers, the most she’s dropped in a single month since 2019, the year the data were compiled.

Drew Bledsoe, Tony Hindcliffe, & Sam Jay Among Biggest Winners

Glaser was by far the biggest winner at the Tom Brady Roast but she wasn’t the only one who benefitted from getting on stage at the Kia Forum.

Despite gaining only 4,172 Instagram followers, Bledsoe’s Instagram following increased by 6.01%, the second-highest percentage change of any participant.

On the other hand, Tony Hinchcliffe gained 29,110 followers, representing a 5.57% increase.

Comedian Sam Jay was the only other participant to experience more than 1% change in their following. Jay managed to increase her Instagram account by 6,504 followers, a change of 4.85%.

Here are the participants who experienced the biggest overall percentage change to their IG following:

Comedian % Change
Nikki Glaser 13.14%
Drew Bledsoe 6.01%
Tony Hinchcliffe 5.57%
Sam Jay 4.85%
Jeff Ross 0.85%
Andrew Schulz 0.61%
Julian Edelman 0.32%
Randy Moss 0.27%
Tom Brady 0.19%
Rob Gronkowski 0.17%
Peyton Manning 0.14%
Tom Segura 0.12%
Bert Kreischer 0.07%
Kim Kardashian -0.01%
Kevin Hart -0.02%


UpdateGlaser now has 1,394,729 Instagram followers, meaning she’s added 307,257 followers since May 5th, an increase of 28.3%.