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It takes a lot of long balls to be included in the top 50 of Major League Baseball‘s all-time home runs list.

To be exact, it takes at least 431 to make the cut, which is the number hit by Baltimore Orioles legend and Hall of Famer Cal Ripken Jr., who sits four clear of Mike Piazza in the No. 50 spot.

The top slot, of course, belongs to seven-time National League MVP Barry Bonds, who hit 762 home runs during his controversial career. Bonds is one of just four MLB legends to surpass 700 home runs, the others being Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, and Albert Pujols. He’s also one of just six to hit 600, a list that also features Alex Rodriguez, Willie Mays, Ken Griffey Jr., Jim Thome, and Sammy Sosa.

Who else cracks the top 50?

The top 50 MLB home run hitters of all time

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Babe Ruth Actually Hit 715 Home Runs During His MLB Career and Was Given Credit for That Number for About a Week

Here’s a quick look at the entire list of the top 50 MLB home run hitters of all time. It should be noted that the list includes only home runs hit during the regular season.

RankPlayerMLB SeasonsPlate AppearancesHome Runs
1Barry Bonds2212,606762
2Hank Aaron2313,941755
3Babe Ruth2210,627714
4Albert Pujols2213,041703
5Alex Rodriguez2212,207696
6Willie Mays2312,545660
7Ken Griffey Jr.2211,304630
8Jim Thome2210,313622
9Sammy Sosa189,896609
10Frank Robinson2111,744586
11Mark McGwire167,660583
12Harmon Killebrew229,833573
13Rafael Palmeiro2012,046569
14Reggie Jackson2111,418563
15Manny Ramirez199,774555
16Mike Schmidt1810,062548
17David Ortiz2010,091541
18Mickey Mantle189,910536
19Jimmie Foxx209,677534
T20Willie McCovey229,692521
T20Frank Thomas1910,075521
T20Ted Williams199,792521
T23Ernie Banks1910,396512
T23Eddie Mathews1710,101512
25Mel Ott2211,347511
26Miguel Cabrera2111,796511
27Gary Sheffield2210,947509
28Eddie Murray2112,817504
T29Lou Gehrig179,665493
T29Fred McGriff1910,174493
31Adrian Beltre2112,130477
T32Stan Musial2212,721475
T32Willie Stargell219,027475
34Carlos Delgado178,657473
35Chipper Jones1910,614468
36Dave Winfield2212,358465
37Nelson Cruz198,396464
T38Jose Canseco178,129462
T38Adam Dunn148,328462
40Carl Yastrzemski2313,992452
T41Jeff Bagwell159,431449
T41Vladimir Guerrero169,059449
43Dave Kingman167,429442
44Jason Giambi208,908440
45Paul Konerko189,505439
46Andre Dawson2110,769438
47Carlos Beltran2011,031435
T48Juan Gonzalez177,155434
T48Andruw Jones178,664434
50Cal Ripken Jr.2112,883431