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Former Texas football legend and NFL quarterback Vince Young is famous for spending his money as if he had an unlimited supply. Young earned over $26 million in the NFL, but he went bankrupt because of his reckless spending habits. One time Young didn’t want to deal with airport travelers so badly that he bought out an entire Southwest flight to ensure he’d be flying alone. And people wonder why he went broke.

Vince Young had a short NFL career but still earned $26 million

The NFL had high hopes for Vince Young coming out of college. Young led Texas to a national championship victory in 2005. He also came in second in the Heisman Trophy race the same season.

Young was selected third overall in the 2006 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans. He won the Rookie of the Year award and was selected to the Pro Bowl in his first season in the NFL. However, 2006 was Young’s peak as a pro. The next season he threw 17 interceptions and just nine touchdowns for the Titans.

He played three more seasons in Tennessee before finishing his career in Philadelphia. Young played six games for the Eagles in 2011, but that would be the final stop of his NFL journey. He officially retired in 2014.

Although he didn’t pan out in the league, Young built up over $26 million in career earnings in six years. His $25 million rookie contract with the Titans alone could have supported him the rest of his life, but poor financial decisions caused him to go bankrupt in 2014.

Young’s spending habits cost him his NFL fortune

Young went from a $25 million NFL contract to a $10 million debt in just seven years. Like so many athletes before him, Young spent more than he could afford and didn’t save nearly enough. The former Texas star believed he would be just as successful in the NFL, but he was wrong.

Young’s reckless spending habits doomed him for retirement life. The most famous story of his spending involves the Cheesecake Factory. Young allegedly spent $5,000 a week at the chain restaurant. One especially expensive evening cost Young $15,000. He would routinely pay for expensive liquors and wines on top of meals for a large group of Titans.

Personal splurges weren’t the only sources of Young’s rampant spending, though. He also bought two expensive cars for a relative and bought his mother a house. Although generous, it didn’t help his depleting bank account.

Young thought his $25 million would last forever. It didn’t even last him three years away from football.

Young once bought out an entire Southwest flight for privacy

Young was such a huge spender that he invented new ways to spend money. One time, he actually bought every single seat on a Southwest flight just because he didn’t want to fly with other passengers.

There are normally about 140 available seats on any Southwest flight. Even assuming Young received a discount and paid $100 per seat, he would’ve paid upwards of $14,000 for his private flight. It’s safe to assume the true figure was even higher.

It’s possible Young spent over $30,000 for a few hours of privacy. First-class apparently wasn’t private enough for the big spender.