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The 2024 PGA Championship is being held at the Valhalla Golf Club in Louisville Kentucky. It started yesterday May 16th and will run through Sunday, May 19th. Heading into this year’s PGA Championship, Scottie Scheffler was one golfer the media could not stop talking about. Scheffler is the world’s #1 Golfer and has won four of his last five starts. Including the Masters in April. On Friday morning, Schefler got himself into a bit of a predicament.

What led to Scottie Scheffler being detained and arrested by Louisville Metro Police?

Heading into the Valhalla Golf Club on Friday morning, traffic was moving slowly. That’s because a man was struck and killed by a shuttle bus at 5:00 a.m. EST. This morning, Scottie Scheffler was driving into Valhalla to be ready for his 8:48 a.m. tee time. With traffic moving slowly, Scheffler was trying to drive around the crash scene and attempted to drive on a median. A police officer then instructed Scheffler to stop but he kept going. Then, an officer attached himself to the side of Scheffler’s car. 

All this was reported by ESPN’s Jeff Darlington. After 20-30 seconds of an officer riding on the side of his car, Scheffler stopped and rolled down his window to talk. Next, the officer reached inside the car and pulled Scheffler’s arm to get him out of the car. Once he was out of the car, the world’s #1 golfer was placed in handcuffs. At one point, Scheffler tuned to ESPN’s Jeff Darlington and asked “Can you help?”

According to Darlington, the situation escalated very quickly and aggressively. There was nothing Darlington could do but watch Scheffler get taken away in handcuffs. This was all a misunderstanding and the cops had no idea who they were arresting. They were simply doing their job, If they knew it was Scottie Scheffler, they may have cut him some slack. Since being arrested by Louisville Metro Police, Scheffler has been released and is preparing for the start of round 2. All tee times are being pushed back an hour today because of the man who was tragically killed this morning.